Killing Floor – Specimen Killing Guide / Gorefast

This guide will teach you about the Gorefast, how to kill it, and its health per difficulty.

Story & Stats

The Gorefast was a project from Kevin Clamley to Hans Volter, a German scientist. Essentially, Volter just skinned the clot and put a blade of one of its arms. The Gorefast might of cut his own jaw and other arm from slashing around with his blade. He is a very aggressive specimen that will run at you when close enough!

  • Beginner HP
  • Base health: 125.00
  • Head health: 12.50

  • Normal HP
  • Base health: 250.00
  • Head health: 25.00

  • Hard HP
  • Base health: 337.50
  • Head health: 33.75

  • Suicidal HP
  • Base health: 387.50
  • Head health: 38.75

  • Hell on Earth HP
  • Base health: 437.50
  • Head health: 43.75

This info was recorded with no other players. Therefore with increased players, Zeds’ health increases. Larger zeds get increased health-points. Fodder zeds stay the same.

Damage per difficulty on solo:

  • Beginner DMG
  • Solo: 2-5 HP
  • (Attacks In 2 Swings)

  • Normal DMG
  • Solo: 1-10 HP
  • (Attacks In 2 Swings)

  • Hard DMG
  • Solo: 13-14
  • (Attacks In 2 Swings)

  • Suicidal DMG
  • Solo: 15-16
  • (Attacks In 2 Swings)

  • HoE DMG
  • Solo: 18-19
  • (Attacks In 2 Swings)

You are gonna wanna hit this in your encounters with him.

If you cant land headshots, this might help as well!

What to Do with a Gorefast?

Shooting helps out a lot… Especially if they are headshots!

For real though. They should only require attention on everything but Beginner. Their Damage and speed are reasons why you should look out for them. They do Gore-Fast! Scoring a clean headshot stops them from running and buys you time to run as well.

Tips & Tricks

  • Gorefasts are tough and dont like taking S**t for an answer. You must take out these guys fast before they chop ya up and turn you into mincemeat.
  • They require about 1-2 headshots from a 9mm to put down so you should go for that to save ammo. Also if they are in a large pack use a Grenade, its better to take them out that way. Stay away from him. Since he stops moving when he swings you can jump away so it doesn’t cause him to land his hits.
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