The Maid_san’s Caving Adventure – Score Modifiers

A breakdown of the factors that make up your final score after completing a stage.


Back before Microsoft nuked the indie game marketplace, I bought and played this game on the ol’ 360. I remember playing through the game without caring about ranks and got what I assumed to be the ‘bad ending’. Now that I’ve aged and bought the game, I came to the conclusion that there is a good ending based on getting a good rank in every stage or collecting all 25 jewels. While I’ve yet to locate all of the jewels or beat the game, I did grind through the first few stages to discover how the scoring system works. My findings are listed below.

Your Score and What Defines It

Regardless of how you finish a stage, your score will always start at 35,000. The following facors will then begin to add or subtract from the base score to give you your final rank.

  • TIME decreases your score by 100 points per tenth (0.1) of a second.
  • STARS increase your score by 1,000 points per star. Collecting every star in the stage will grant a 25,000 point bonus.
  • STEPS decrease your score by 100 points per step.
  • JUMPS decrease your score by 100 points per jump.
  • SQUATS is the number of times you trembled throughout the stage. Each squat reduces your score by 100 points regardless of whether if it was in front of any Benars.
  • DOWNS is the number of times you’ve taken damage from any source. Each down reduces your score by about 10,000 points.
  • FINDINGS is the number of times you’ve alerted a Benar. Note that Benars that hear Ai-chan’s sneezes don’t count. Each finding decreases your score by 10,000 points.
  • SNEEZES decrease your score by 100 points.

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