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Holdfast: Nations At War - Tips for Carpenter Mains

Written by SuperNuggy   /   Dec 30, 2020    

This guide will include some beginner tips for those who want to learn Carpenter, and some advanced tips from an experienced Carpenter main.

Carpenter Mains Tips for Newbies

Overview of the Carpenter

The Carpenter is a support class in Holdfast: Nations at War. He is available to all factions and players in the game. There can only be 3 Carpenters on a faction per game. His primary focus is on breaking Sapper constructions, such as spikes and cannons. He can also carry TNT.

The Carpenter's gun, the Blunderbuss, is a close ranged weapon

The Blunderbuss is the Carpenter's main weapon. The Blunderbuss is a high power weapon however. It can deal heavy damage in one shot. It has the same reload time as any other weapon.

The Blunderbuss is capable of eliminating more than one enemy

The catch with the Blunderbuss, however, is that it is capable of killing more than 1 enemy. I've previously killed 4 enemies alone with the Blunderbuss. It's rare, but it's possible.

Strategies for the Blunderbuss

  1. Using corners to peak is a great strategy in Holdfast, but an even better strategy to use with the Carpenter's Blunderbuss. Use it to wipe out opponents in one shot.
  2. Due to the Blunderbuss being a close ranged weapon, you can't attack from long range. If you're not careful, you can get picked off easily in the open. Stay with teammates and use cover to your advantage.
  3. The Blunderbuss is a Cavalry killer. Due to it's wide spread, you can kill Cavalry easily with it.
  4. Despite the fact that it sounds like a good idea, do not bunch up with other Carpenters. The Blunderbuss is a great power to have combined with long range troops like Line Infantry. 3 Carpenters side by side will do nothing at long distances.

The Axe

The Carpenter's melee weapon is the Axe. Unlike swords, it only goes one way: down. This means the Axe is very hard to kill with, but when you hit an enemy, they'll die right away. The Axe takes one hit to kill.

The Axe and the Carpenter's Role

The Carpenter's role is to break Sapper constructions. However, I have never had the opportunity to do this. Most of the time, you'll be focusing on kills. If you want to break enemy Sapper constructions, you can by using the Axe. The Axe will break the constructions. This won't work on your faction's Sapper builds.

Strategies for the Axe

  1. Use the axe on players who are AFK or standing still. Don't waste a Blunderbuss shot on them. It's not worth it. You can also use it to kill enemy Horses.
  2. Use the axe on Sapper cannons. These cannons are extremely powerful when used against your team. Focus on taking out the canons to give your team a safe fighting zone.
  3. Trying to go for axe kills on moving players is a bad idea, unless you are out of ammo in the Blunderbuss.
  4. Remember: it only takes one hit with the axe to kill an enemy.

Written by SuperNuggy.