Stardew Valley – How to Beat Journey of the Prairie King

Content is a few quick recommendations and a way to cheese the game to a minor degree (for those who are skilled enough to not die).

Guide to Beat Journey of the Prairie King

Everything You Need to Know

Since “continue” was added, it makes a great way to stop and return to the game later! … and in our case, to re-do stages until you’re satisfied with the results.

Basically, if you fail to get enough coins, if you exit the game (esc on keyboard) before, it reverts you to the start of that stage – all coins, power-ups return to as they were upon entering. Warning! Lives lost are not returned so don’t die! This is only helpful for coin gathering.

Since enemy spawning and drops are randomly determined this results in being able to try stages over and over again. No/not enough coin drops? Exit and continue.

If you’re still struggling, try aiming for bullet damage (third purchase option – the crate) over fire rate (second purchase option – the gun). Usually, 1 set of boots is all you want for speed though! You have no excuse now for not getting what you want to buy.

Still struggling? Well, not much I can do other than suggest more practice, so get good. The end.

General Gameplay

WASD to move, arrow keys to fire. You can move/fire diagonally.

Stay to the center of the map if possible, and fire at edge if picking up items right in front of spawn locations.

pickup to keep for final boss Fectus: attack speed ups (sheriff badge/rapid fire that looks like 3 bullets).

Cowboys are easiest if you stay against the ravine/crack, and fire diagonally from the center. Fire just off to the edge of the enemy’s cover to hit him when he first pops out, and dodge his attacks.

Prioritize flying (imp) / fast (mushroom) enemies over slower, tougher ones.

It’s better to keep a life than get a pick-up. Always prioritize not getting hit over a coin.

Never stop firing. Choose a direction and shoot if no enemies are on the map. You may just get lucky and hit something without trying to.

You can hold one ability at a time, and trying to pick up any while holding one causes the one on the ground to be used instantly.

Pay attention to obstacles. Walls and stumps stop bullets, but shrubs and graves do not. They all, however, stop your movement. Small goblins in first area settle down to form spiked walls (still an enemy, so don’t go touching it). Kill them before they set up for an easier kill, or use them to block/impede enemy movement.

Zombie power-up doesn’t give you invulnerability to bullets. It’s fairly useless vs bosses. And Nukes don’t do damage vs them, so nice try bud. *warning, if used during cut-scene, reportedly can cause boss to glitch out*

Nukes wipe the stage of enemies, but I don’t think they allow drops from those enemies. Use only if necessary (Final area (graveyards), just use them. Hordes are too easily built there to worry).

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