Total War: Warhammer II – Sisters of Twilight Wood Elves Campaign Guide (Vortex)

Guide to the Sisters of Twilight Wood Elves Campaign

Excellent Traits

Elf Lords

Talon of Kurnous = Range +15% for Lord’s Army

Ancient Treemen

Annoyance of Netlings = -10% movement range for enemy armies, and a debuff to their melee in radius around the Lord.
Cluster of Radiants = Constant increased Winds of Magic rate.

Important Discoveries


Queen’s Champion office says it requires Orion or a Glade Lord to fill, which appears to be correct.

However, when I clicked on the Sisters of Twilight and hovered over “Highweaver” and “Darkweaver”, those offices said they required a wielder of High Magic and Dark Magic respectively. This does appear to apply correct to Ancient Treeman lords, and Spellweavers of the Lord of Life and Lore of Beasts, who cannot fill “Highweaver” or “Darkweaver” offices. Lore of High Magic Spellweaver can occupy “Highweaver” but not “Darkweaver”, and vice versa. However, I recruited a Lord of Shadows Spellweaver Lord, and am able to put that lord in either of those 2 offices. Obviously you want a Spellweaver with matching Lore of Magic to fill the office for the best use of it. Interesting that I can get a Spellweaver of Shadow magic lore with a good trait like “Talon of Kurnous” and have them fill the office until I can get a Spellweaver with the right magic but a good trait to fill the role.

Note that the offices that the Spellweaver Lords best fill match their Lores of Magic.

  • High Magic = Highweaver
  • Dark Magic = Darkweaver
  • Life Magic = Treesinger of Isha
  • Beast Magic = Beastbinder of Kurnous
  • Shadow Magic = Glamourweaver of Loec

Note that Ancient Treeman lords can cast Lore of Life magic, so either a Lore of Life Spellweaver or an Ancient Treeman can readily fill the Treesinger of Isha office.

Keep your starting Spellsinger hero with the Sisters, if you do then you will automatically complete the first step in the Quest to get your Forest Dragon mount.


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