Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth – 100% Achievement Guide

All achievements and how to get them.

General Information

In book 1 the following achievements can not be achieved in a single playthrough: Friends of sorts and
Lone wolf
 to get both of them you will have to replay chapters 2 and 3.

In addition
Everything’s in order 
Friar Tuck can not be achieved in a single playthrough. You will have to play chapter 6 two times.

All other achievements can be unlocked in one playthrough.

Prologue – Book 1

Good midwife

Be especially supportive during birth.

Since you only have a limited amount of options you need to act quick. Do not touch Agnes with cold hands and do everything to help her. The following order will assure you unlocking the achievement.

  • Cover Agnes with the blanket.
  • Find something to occupy the children. Send Alfred to get more water and Martha to pick reeds.
  • While waiting for Alfred with the water tell Agnes a story two times.
  • As soon as Alfred brings the water send him to fetch more firewood to build the fire bigger.
  • Warm you hands using the warm water.
  • Caress Agnes with warm hands.
  • Keep talking to her.

It doesn’t matter what you pick as an answer to her last statement.

Chapter 1 – Book 1


Report a crime to the monks in Kingsbridge.

After listening to the two novices fishing near the cemetry, go inside the cathedral to find the hidden keys inside a crack in the wall. Afterwards tell Remigius about Markus stealing the keys.

Let there be darkness

Dim the lights in the cathedral.

Put out all four candles inside the cathedral.

Yet another secret

Unlock a secret room in Kingsbridge.

Listen to the two novices fishing near the cemetry and you will hear that they stole Cuthberts keys and hid them in a crack in the cathedral wall. Go get them and use the keys to open the door to the abandoned mill. To unlock the achievement, take a look at the carvings on the wooden pillar.

Garten of Eden

Support Milius’ dream of a garden.

To the left of Pauls tollbooth there is a small path leading into the woods. There Philip can find some beech-nuts. Take them to Milius and out them in his painted pot to unlock this achievement.

Silentium est aureum

Let the others do the talking.

Don’t answer or react to anything Remigius says during the chapter meeting. Just let the time run out without clicking anything.

Man of politics

Get involved in your brother’s politics.

Agree with Francis’ plan to take the letter to the bishop.

Full house

Invite everybody to the chapter meeting.

To unlock this achievement you have to invite the following friars:

  • Paul in his tollbooth.
  • The two young friars in the cloisters.
  • Milius and Cuthbert in the kitchen (talk to each one of them seperately).
  • Arnold on the cemetry.
  • Francis inside the cathedral.
  • The precentor and his choir (to get them to joint the meeting you have to take a look inside the crypt underneath the cathedral because the singers are afraid of the noises coming from down there. To unlock the gate you need Cuthberts keys).

Chapter 2 – Book 1

There are not achievements in chapter two. Instead you have to make the first decision for “Friends of sorts” and “Lone wolf” to unlock those achievements in chapter 3.

Friends of sorts

Become friends with Alfred.

Serve Alfred first when handing out food in the caves.

Lone wolf

Become enemies with Alfred.

Serve Alfred last or give him nothing at all when handing out food.

Chapter 3 – Book 1

Friar Tuck

Steal from the bishop at every opportunity.

To be able to unlock this achievement in chapter 6 you need to take the bishops hay and apples now.

Care, like a brother cares

Take every opportunity to teach Martha how to use your slingshot.

To be able to unlock this achievement in chapter 5 you need to use Jacks slingshot at least three times on martha to show her how to use it.

Boy of mystery

Keep quiet about your past.

To be able to unlock this achievement in chapter 5 you need o not tell Lady Aliena anything about Jacks background.

Friends of sorts

Become friends with Alfred.

To get this achievement be nice to Alfred:

  • If you followed the river while tracking the friar praise Alfred for his observation. If you crossed the river help Alfred stand after he trips.
  • Do not wake Alfred by shooting your slingshot at the branch above his head while resting.
  • When hading out food in chapter 2, serve Alfred first.
  • After arriving in Earlcastle talk to Alfred about his relationship with Tom and afterwars ask Tom about it.
  • Finally give alfred the haunch of meat you stole from the tower of Earlscastle.

Help an old friend

Take car of your pony.

Take the apples and hay in front of the bishops residence to feed your pony.
Taking those both things is also required if you want to unlock “Friar Tuck” in chapter 6.
Füttert Philips Pony mit den Äpfeln und Heu nachdem ihr beim Bischof angekommen seid.

Wannabe knight

Try becoming a knight.

Try to give the haunch of meat you took from the tower of Earlscastle to the knights in front of the tower. You have to talk to the knights once before you can grab the meat.

Staring contest champion

Return the stare

Get into a staring contest with the read headed knight on the walls of Earlscastle. Don’t do anything in the following dialogue to win. Just let the time run out.
You have to do it correctly the very first time to get the achievement.

Lone wolf

Become enemies with Alfred.

Be mean to Alfred whenever possible:

  • Ignore him if you picked following the river while tracking the friar. If you crossed the river do not help him stand.
  • While camping aim your slingshot at the branch above Alfreds head to wake him up.
  • Don’t give him anything to eat in chapter 2 or at least don’t serve him first.
  • Do not give him the stolen haunch of meat in Earlscastle.

Rebel without a cause

Get into trouble with the Earl of Shiring.

Hit the Earl of Shiring with Jacks slingshoot while he’s talking with his son in the tower of Earlscastle.

Chapter 5 – Book 1

Twist of fate

Wisen up before you cause great disaster.

As Jack choose not to set fire to the cathedral. When prompted select the according dialogue option.

Boy of mystery

Keep quiet about your past.

Don’t tell anyone about Jacks past. That means:

  • Don’t tell Lady Aliena in chapter 3 anything.
  • Don’t tell friar Arnold on the cemetry anything.
  • Don’t tell Philip and Remigius in the cloisters anything.

Care, like a brother cares

Take every opportunity to teach Martha how to use your slingshot.

Show Martha how to use your slingshot at least three times in chapter 3 and give it to her in the monastery in chapter 5.

Chapter 6 – Book 1

Everything’s in order

Bring Ordnung in Williams Chaos.

Clean up the mess William Hamleigh made at the bishop’s. Pick up the knife, plate and cup and put them back on the table.

Friar Tuck

Steal from the bishop at every opportunity.

In chapter 3 take the apples and hay from the bishop to feed your pony and in chapter 6 take the knife, plate and cup. Leave the room withour placing anything back onto the table.

Negotioation skills

Negotiate the best deal for Kingsbridge.

You will unlock this achievement after negotiating as Philip with the Hamleighs until they agree to split Shiring in two with them getting half and the monastery of Kingsbridge getting the other half. This way the king can uphold his promise to the Hamleighs and the cathedral can still be rebuild.

Chapter 7 – Book 1

End of Book One

Complete Book One.

As far as I know the only achievement in book 1 that can not be missed. You will get it as automatically after finishing chapter 7.

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