Meadow – Where to Find All Antelope Statues

A guide to help you find all the antelope statues (Available in January 2021).

Antelope Statues Guide


This guide contains coordinates and a picture of each statue.

You can use the coordinates as a guide as to where to go next. They might be a bit confusing though. Usually, you see an XYZ format, or latitude and longitude, but the format in Meadow is (Y, Z, -X). That would be (latitude, altitude, -longitude). So, if the coordinates are (-50, 50, 50) and you’re at (0,0,0), then you need to go southwest and climb up.

If you’re unsure about your location, you can press LSHIFT+G to copy your current coordinates and then you can paste them somewhere else by pressing CTRL+V.

Oh, and here’s a map overview with the statues marked:

By the way, Statue #5 is underground. That’s why it looks like it’s “out of order”.

Antelope #1

Coordinates: (-791.4, 1.7, -277.2)

Starting at the home tree, if you head south, cross any river or lake you come across and go around a mountain, you can find this statue close to the edge of the map.

Antelope #2

Coordinates: (-418.2, 9.6, -517.4)

Heading northeast from the previous statue, cross a river and keep the mountain with the underground cave to your right. You should come upon the statue eventually if you keep your eyes peeled.

Antelope #3

Coordinates: (518.5, 55.8, -332.6)

Head north, past the gap in the map, towards the steep cliffs. There should be a relatively manageable way up. It’s there.

I’m not sure if the map is 100% correct here (couldn’t see well in the dark to confirm). So, here are some more photos.

Here, you can see the gap more clearly. If you reach this spot, you can turn around.

Standing on the stone like in the photo, do you see that greenish thingy at the base of the tree ahead? (I suppose it’s a bush.) If you head past it, you’ll find the antelope a few metres ahead.

Antelope #4

Coordinates: (755.4, 218.2, -990.8)

Head northeast-east, through the barren mountains towards the area with the lake, the island and the eastern entrance of the spiral cavern. The antelope is on the island.

Antelope #5

Coordinates: (872.7, 57.7, -557.4)

It’s in the spiral cavern with the waterfall. From the previous statue, head into the cave and carry on until you reach the big waterfall room. Drop down and you’ll find it.

Antelope #6

Coordinates: (1422.6, 10.2, 230.1)

From the last statue, head outside (using the bottom exit). You should enter the winter area now. Head west until you reach the edge of the map and then turn right and follow the edge. You should find it soon enough.

Antelope #7

Coordinates: (1441, 17.7, -110.8)

From the last statue, head east. You might need to walk around the rocks/hills a bit. Or walk on a tree across a gap. Or both. Anyway, once you reach a big gap in the map, you’re practically there. It’s not far from that point.

It’s on a hill (sort of). Not exactly at the edge of the gap, but close. In the pictures, you can barely see the gap and the waterfalls. Hopefully, it helps.

Antelope #8

Coordinates: (1405.8, 55.7, -309.5)

Now on the eastern side of the gap, there’s your next antelope.

Antelope #9

Coordinates: (1702.4, 24.2, -417.4)

Head north to the beige/brown area. There are 2 islands with big rock formations on them. You want to go for the east one. It’s on top. There’s a convenient zigzagging path leading up top.

Not this one:

This one (see the antelope on top?):

Antelope #10

Coordinates: (1928.1, 25.1, -1118.9)

The obligatory trip to the tropical area. Follow the string of islands to the large chunk of tropical land. Or swim across if it feels faster.

You’re aiming for this waterfall:

You need to get up. Once you do, position yourself so that the waterfall is behind you. Then, you should be able to see the antelope to the left. Kind of. See the pictures below.

You can see two trees on the left and a lone tree on the right. The lone tree is where the antelope is. To the right of it, specifically. Kind of like a pencil sticking out.

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