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Long Live Santa! - Easy Survival Tips

Written by Sandude1257   /   Jan 1, 2021    

In this guide you will learn how to live for more than 10 seconds at the start of a round of Long Live Santa, easy tips!

Tips to Survive

  • When the timer reaches 1, jump! This can give you a small escape advantage over others if it's for running away from the army, or getting into the middle of a pile.
  • At presents, Spam F, Not only this will pay respects to dead santas, but it will help you get the item faster!
  • If up against a bow guy with the reindeer, Use the reindeer as a Shield! This is a good advantage to people with a slither of hp left.
  • Hide behind Whatever you can, even though this is very well known, It can still annoy The bow guy and the dead people waiting for the next round.
  • Try your best to conserve energy, In case of a tough battle ahead.

Written by Sandude1257.