Floor Plan: Hands-On Edition – How to Obtain All Achievements

This guide will help you with getting all of the achievements in this game.

100% Achievements Guide


Place the Skull in the normal sized lobby (L) and then go to the enlarged lobby (11).

Express Ride

Finish the game in less than 10 minutes.

Lift Off

Finish the Game.

Need a Light

Light the Torch by dropping it into the Lava on the Lava Floor.

Needed a Hand

When the cowboy reaches into the elevator, select another floor, the doors will close and the cowboys arm will break off.

Persistence Is Futile

Try to insert the large coin into the gumball machine 5 times.

Playing With Fire

Light the Torch using the fireplace on the Lobby Floor.

What Plants Crave

Pour Coffee on the plant.

With the Fishes

Go to the Basement without the snorkel mask on.

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