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Total War: Rome II - Emperor Edition - Guide to Politics

Written by SohiRifter   /   Jan 2, 2021    

How to Politic

  • Do not ever upgrade enemy generals (p.s. characters not of your dynasty are an enemy).
  • Upgrading skills/stats/perks also increases gravitas, most of the time, which will lower your political power.
  • Make them all generals, because even low gravitas character can/will influence political power.
  • Game Logic: if they're not over-seas, fighting wars, they're messing with your political power.
  • If the enemy dynasty (political group) has too many characters, sent them off to die in wars.
  • You'll take the hit for a military loss, since you're in charge, but this is good for the long game.
  • Retire/hire at least one high/mid gravitas generating character, who will act as a statesmen.
  • It helps with the long game and allows you to counter mistakes, like all-hands-on-board wars.


  • The idea is to remove/minimize enemy influence while increasing your own, which also increases with military victories.
  • If you kill all members of a political/dynasty group at the start, it dies off for good; but will be replace eventually.
  • Later on, killing all members of a political/dynasty just has a new member spawn; rebellion is the only fix.

Written by SohiRifter.