Friday the 13th: The Game – How Not to Get Grabbed by Jason

This guide will give some tips on not getting grabbed!

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Jason is Trying to Grab You

I’m going to be talking about when you know Jason is trying to grab you not if he is stealthily trying to shift grab you.

  • Firstly when Jason is shifting run to the left or right it is a lot harder for Jason to shift grab you this way. The Screen zooms in on your character when Jason is shifting so be aware. 
  • Secondly It is best to run in random directions and not one direction this will stop Jason from having an advantage of knowing where you will go. From personal experience I have had one person just run around a building in the same direction so I managed to hide around the building and grab him out of no where. 
  • Thirdly If you are with someone slower/Injured/holding a part they will be more likely targeted by Jason then you so if you may want to protect or abandon them. 
  • Fourthly it is best to travel alone when you run from Jason because usually you run into each other and always someone blocks the window of a cabin you want to get in.

Sadly there is no definitive way of blocking Jason grabs but hopefuly some of these tips will help you a little better.

Best Councelors to Be When Running!

Vanessa Jones

Ironically the fastest character is black anyway she is one of the fastest councelors in the game.

Brandon Wilson

Bugzy is the second fastest character again ironically the fastest characters are black.

Tiffany Cox

Tiffany the dumb bimbo is the one you see photos of her butt all over the steam screenshots actually does stuff! She is the 3rd most fastest character to be.

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