Super Meat Boy – How to Obtain the Well Look at You! Achievement (Playing as Tofu Boy)

This guide will tell you how to get the “Well look at you!” achievement since the details for that achievement doesn’t tell you anything useful and when getting this achievement you can play as the secret character “Tofu Boy”!

Well Look at You! Achievement Guide

All credit goes to tavoisilluminati!

Getting Started!

Disclaimer: If you play on console then why are you here because Tofu Boy is only a PC/Mac/Linux exclusive character and so is the achievement so dont waste your time reading this if you’re playing on X360/PS4//WIIU/SWITCH)

To get the “Well look at you!” achievement and is also known to get the character that is “Tofu boy” is a pretty simple process! To do this you need to go into one of the the unlocked worlds (You don’t need to complete the light or dark world for this).

Then you select any level and you should be asked to select a character, now don’t select one yet because the next step is in the next section.

Getting the Achievement and Character

Now in order for this to happen you have to type “Petaphile” and if you hear somebody yell “Push the buttons” you should have the achievement and have access to Tofu Boy, Good Job!

Remember, whenever you wanna play as Tofu Boy you have to do the Petaphile procedure everytime because Tofu Boy isn’t a selectable character all the time when you get the achievement.

Using Tofu Boy

Now after you hear that select any character then you should be playing as Tofu Boy!

Now Tofu Boy is the weakest character in the game being very slow and jumping very low but you can only beat a few levels with him but out of those few levels it doesn’t matter how long you take on the level.

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