Stardew Valley – Fector’s Challenge Guide

So you wanna be the fasted gun in the Prairie and give it to Fector Huh? Well this just might help you out.

Fector’s Challenge Help

The Whole Schlambano

Money is your best friend through this whole ordeal.

In order to survive, and survive long, you gotta collect all the coins you can get. The item that instakills all enemies in the room? Yeah, never grab that. Coins will not drop on the slain enemies.

Stage 1

For an optimum run, you are gonna want to try an get at least 15 coins before the first shop to get the first bullet upgrade. This makes the first stage a breeze, as most of the enemies get cut down quickly, and the bullet will pass through to the next enemy. The first stage is pretty easy, the only thing to really watch out for are large clusters of enemies ganging up on the stage where a box surrounds you with only 4 small entrances. In order to make this more bearable, I usually grab the star/badge, and cut a path straight through everything once I get surrounded.

For the second shop you are gonna want to get the gun upgrade itself, or if you get super lucky lvl 2 bullets. I recommend just going ahead and getting the gun upgrade fro one simple reason: Bullets are expensive and it really isn’t worth it to get the boot upgrades. Now, If you aren’t very proficient at aiming, the boots may be helpful for dodging, however, I personally feel as though it’s a waste.

First boss, just stay out of the line of fire and hide behind your cover until the gunslinger starts moving in a straight line across the screen. From there it’s pretty easy to stay out of the line of fire and shoot diagonally towards him. Never engage the gunslinger if they are directly targeting you. It kills so many runs guys.

Stage 2

Second stage gets a bit trickier. The mushrooms and butterflies are a bit faster, and without the first bullet upgrade, they take more hits. If you are able to get both of the gun and bullet upgrades in the first level, grand. If not, be really careful with evasions and hanging around corners because butterflies can spawn on top of you and end the run.

Third shop I highly recommend picking yourself up the second gun upgrade. With more enemies coming after you at faster rates, the increased fire rate helps tremendously. Plus, you are likely pretty low on money at this point unless rng has been kind to you.

The other few levels are the same deal, just be careful with evasions and map awareness. A trick that I use to help out with these levels are to have either the shotgun or rapid fire upgrade in que, and using it when I find one or the other. Also, a trusty badge/star is never a bad thing to have on deck.

Hopefully, by the time you get to the fourth shop you will have saved enough to get the next bullet upgrade, because lord you are going to need it for the third stage. At this point, the most solid investments are all going to be bullet upgrades. If you do not have enough for this upgrade, an ok alternative would be to get lvl 1 boots, as it does help a bit later on. Gun upgrades after this point are a bit unnecessary.

This gunslinger has the same AI as the first, so just use the same strat as the first.

Stage 3

Third stage oh boy. Hopefully you got the bullet upgrade at the last shop because everything is tanky here. I highly suggest saving powerups, such as the shotgun, rapid fire, and the badge to make it through this. Also the tombstone is very much viable, as it can cut through the hordes of mummies this level throws at you. Just keep a cool head through these levels, aim well, and watch out for the demons and you should be ok.

For this next shop, definitely get the bullet upgrade. It will highly increase your chances of survival.

For the final shop, go ahead and get those shiny new boots because oh boy, Fector can shoot.


For the Fector fight, there are two options, play it legit or do a bit of cheesing. If you play it legit this will be the Dark Souls of arcade games. Fector can shoot in any direction, target you and shoot in all directions, at once if he chooses to. Just kite him, get hits when you can, and hope the enemies that he spawns gives powerups.

An easy way to help out with this fight would be to save a badge/star, since it drastically improves fire rate, gives triple shots, and increases speed. But this fight mostly involves careful dodging and shooting. I reccomend finding intervals where it it safe to shoot, then only dodge unless there are enemies closing in. Always stay far away from Fector, because at any moment he could switch up and auto target you.

To cheese Fector, it’s actually quite simple. If you stand above Fector while he is in the middle of the screen, just a few pixels to the left or right of where his bullets would be firing straight up, he will usually only use his rapid fire shots straight up, his shots that go in all directions, or spawn monsters.

Once he takes a certain amount of damage he will begin shooting targeted shots, however if you can kite these and get back to the position you were in before he moves, he will just stay put. That will leave him wide open to take tons of your hits, making this challenge much easier. And now with the new update, if you get hit you can just exit the Arcade Machine and hit continue, then the game forgets you lost a life, allowing you to continue from the start of the battle.

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