Calico – 100% Achievements Guide

This guide will walk you through how to get 100% completion of all achievements in the game.

Complete Achievement Guide

Guide Overview

This guide will help you find all 13 achievements available in Calico.

There is of course spoilers for the game, read at your own risk.

Here is a map of the world if you find it helpful:

Open For Business

Get your new cafe ready for the customers

For this achievement, you must place the furniture in the cafe, find an animal to follow you, and cook a recipe. This can all be followed by tracking the quest info on the right side of the screen. This is the first quest you will do.


Clear the path to the Snowbell Mountains

For this achievement, you need to go through the Path to the Mountain questline which is first initiated by talking to Maia. Maia will send you to Autumn. Bring Autumn her cat, Char, and autumn will make you a potion which is used to mount one of your animals, and break through the mountain blockade. The Giant Rider achievement is also unlocked through this.

The Big City

Clear the path to Cutie City

For this achievement, you need to finish the Big City Dreams questline after unlocking the Snowbell Mountains area.

Once you gain access to the mountains, head towards Cutie City from the mountain path. There will be construction cats in your way, interact with them to initiate the questline.

The steps for the quest are as follows: See the construction cats, talk to Freya, talk to Maia, talk to Ash, deliver supplies to Lumi, meet at Freya’s house, talk to the construction cats, make bagels, tell the cats the cafe has bagels.

Beach Access

Clear the Clover Coast Beach

To get this achievement, you need to initiate the Corporate Retreat Questline after unlocking the Cutie City area. To do so, walk over to the tall red (poison) flowers and talk to the standing black cat to start the quest. Complete the quest and the achievement will pop.

The steps of the quest are as follows:

Ask around the city about the beach (Safeena), find a flower expert (Poppy), talk to Kira, talk to Poppy, Sleep, finally talk to Safeena.

Big Solution

Clear the entrance to Golden Grove

For this achievement, you have to complete the Big Problem Questline after unlocking the Clover Coast area. After completion, and the big cat is moved, you will get the achievement.

The steps for this quest are as follows:

Talk to Kai, tell Kai about the giant cat butt, get a special item from Estelle, return to Kai, tell Kai it was a success.

Witch Way

Clear the entrance to the Witching Woods

To unlock this achievement, you need to follow the Secret of Witching Woods Questline after unlocking access to the Golden Grove area.

The steps of the quest are as follows:

Talk to Daisy, talk to Autumn, get magical essence from all of the island’s witches, bring the magical mousey toy to the giant cat, hold on tight, talk to Rosa, and finally, talk to Kiva.

Giant Rider

Ride on a giant animal

For this achievement, you need to simply mount one of the large animals. There are quite a few of them in the Snowbell Mountains, or you can get the potion from Autumn through the Path to the Mountain questline. Give it to one of your animals, and the achievement will pop.

Social Butterfly

Meet all the townsfolk on the island

To complete this achievement you need to unlock all of the areas and interact with every townsperson. There are 22 townspeople in total.

You will know if you still need to find someone by going to your map. Question marks on the map indicate it is a townsperson you have not yet met.

Split up by region, the townspeople are as follows:

Heart Village:

  • Autumn
  • Kiva
  • Maia
  • Maribel
  • Poppy
  • Estelle
  • Ash
  • Sunny
  • Blossom
  • Lily
  • Oliver

Snowbell Mountains:

  • Freya
  • Lumi

Cutie City:

  • Xin
  • Safeena
  • Lee
  • Steve
  • Malcom

Clover Coast:

  • Kai

Golden Grove:

  • Daisy
  • Gabby

Witching Woods:

  • Rosa

Animal Charmer

Meet every type of animal on the island

This achievement requires you to interact with different kinds of animals. There are 13 different types of animals on the island.

  1. Cats
  2. Dogs
  3. Birds
  4. Red Panda
  5. Bears
  6. Capybara
  7. Racoons
  8. Ferrets
  9. Pigs
  10. Deer
  11. Rabbits
  12. Horses
  13. Foxes

Cats, birds, and dogs can be found all around the island. The first instance where you will encounter a bear, capybara, rabbit, fox, and deer are in the Snowbell Mountains The red panda is found when you do a quest related to it for Kiva. The pigs, horses, and ferrets can be found at the Clover Coast.

Animal Expert

Meet every animal on the island

For this achievement, you need to pick up or mount every animal on the island respectively. I believe there are about 56 total animals to find. Upon collecting all, open up the animal page and the achievement will pop. In total, there are:

  • 20 Cats
  • 9 Dogs
  • 4 Pigs
  • 3 Birds
  • 3 Capybara
  • 2 Horses
  • 2 Foxes
  • 2 Deer
  • 2 Rabbits
  • 2 Ferrets
  • 2 Racoons
  • 1 Red Panda

Across 13 different animal types.

  • For a more detailed explanation of what the different animals look like and where they may be found, please refer to this guide.

Complete Kitchen

Fill up your Cafe’s menu with every recipe

To unlock this achievement, you need to acquire all of the baking/cooking recipes. Some recipes can be bought from merchants like Oliver and Estelle. Others can be found as rewards for completing quests for the different townspeople. You do not need to cook every recipe for the achievement to unlock.

Here are the following recipes available in the game:


  • Donut
  • Roll Cake
  • Cookie
  • Cupcake
  • Cinnamon Roll
  • Flan
  • Boba Tea


  • Coffee
  • Bread
  • Croissant
  • Bagel
  • Muffin
  • Scone
  • Sandwich


  • Cake
  • Cheesecake
  • Macaron
  • Cream Puff
  • Taiyaki
  • Tart
  • Cornet

Helping Hand

Complete all tasks requested by townsfolk

This achievement requires you to complete every task from every townsperson. Most of the townspeople have 2 tasks total, but some only have 1, and only one has as many as 3 quests to give. There is also the main quests to complete which unlock the areas.

You can tell if you still need to do a quest for a person by checking their heart meter. If it is full, you have completed all of their quests. Some quests need certain areas to be unlocked before initiating them, like with Maia and Xin.

Heart Village Townspeople & Quests:

  • Autumn: Spa Day
  • Autumn: Hocus Focus

  • Kiva: Starter Quest
  • Kiva: Magical Mixer

  • Maia: Owl Lamp
  • Maia: Some Pig

  • Maribelle: Fashion Photoshoot
  • Maribelle: Dapper Doves Do Dastardly Deed

  • Poppy: Rad Dad
  • Poppy: Cat Cafe Croissants

  • Estelle: Deliver the Goods
  • Estelle: Assistance with the Assistant

  • Ash: Spooky Scary Furniture
  • Ash: Prism Break

  • Sunny: Anniversary Date
  • Sunny: Tricksy Business

  • Blossom: Welcome to the Neighborhood
  • Blossom: Sweet Tooth

  • Lily: Mushroom Spores
  • Lily: Magicatastrophy

Snowbell Mountains Townspeople & Quests:

  • Lumi:- Onsen Master
  • Lumi: Capybara Collection

  • Freya: Feathered Friends
  • Freya: Snack Swap

Cutie City Townspeople & Quests:

  • Malcom: Dance Dance

  • Lee: Arcade Hero
  • Lee: Online Shopping

  • Xin: Variety is the Spice
  • Xin: Saving Mister Snuggles

  • Safeena: Purr-Fect Market Data
  • Safeena: Venture Cat-pital

  • Steve: Cute Potion

Clover Coast Townspeople & Quests:

  • Kai: New Friends
  • Kai: Lighthouse Gone Dark

Golden Grove Townspeople & Quests:

  • Daisy: Scardey Mouse
  • Daisy: City Mouse

  • Gabby: Matchmaker

Witching Woods Townspeople & Quests:

  • Rosa: A Beginner’s Guide to Witchcraft
  • Rosa: Take These Broken Wings and Learn to Fly
  • Rosa: A Blessing for the Birds

Take Flight

  • Take to the skies on an animal

To get this achievement, you need to follow the Take Those Broken Wings and Learn to Fly questline that is given to you by Rosa in the Witching Woods.

After you’ve visited Autumn, you can use the same bigify potion used on an animal in the early game on a bird. Conveniently, there is a raven outside Autumn’s house. Use it on the bird and you will get the achievement.

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