Observer – A Work in Progress Achievement (All RC Cars)

This guide will help you to find all the RC cars hidden in the game and unlock achievement “A work in progress”.

How to Find All the Cars?

There are 4 cars in total and you need to get the first 3 outside Helenas hack and last one during her hack.

  • #1 Car is in the beginning of the game where you go into the room with hanged woman on the ground floor, the car is in front of this room on the floor.
  • #2 Car will run away from you to the kitchen/dining room on second floor. This will trigger a tiny flash of Adam too. If you don’t see the car drive away from you it has not spawned yet, do something else and come back later (unsure at this point if you need to hack into Amir before you get this to spawn or not).
  • #3 Car is in the yard behind the trashcans next to the tattoo parlour.
  • #4 Is in the Helena hack. Adams room can be found in the part where you drag the “baby TV” around as your guiding light. Look around for a open door, it’s past some doors where you can plug your TV into so you have to go past these, it’s pretty early in that part. The car is on Adams table.

Please note that the cars have to be collected in order.
Kitchen car spawned after Amir hack so if you go to the kitchen before this it might not be there yet. Go back after you are done with Amir.
Get the 3 cars before you hack into Helena Nader.

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