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KARDS - Useful Tips for Beginners

Written by Tiramisu   /   Jan 6, 2021    

Here are some tips that might help you out if your are struggling as a beginner.

Tips for Newbies

Play the game during busy times, when there are a lot of players: The more players are currently online the less likely it is that you will meet a good player ingame who will win against you. Due to my experience this is the case around 16-20 UTC.

Use your gold cards for crafting new cards, if you are struggling to get good cards: Unlike normal cards you can always recycle gold cards, which will give you exactly the amount of points to craft any card of the same rarity.

The choice of your card deck will make a huge difference for your success:

  • In your card deck builder you can find a statistics how many cards you have for each price class. Usually most of your deck cards should be in the range of 4-7 credits, but the other price classes are important as well. If you have too many expensive cards, you will not be able to play a lot of them especially in the early game. If you have too many cheap cards, chances are high that you will burn through them until you have no cards in your hand available especially in the late game.
  • Do not use too many orders in your deck or else it will increase the risk of having too many of them in your hand instead of units. Of course there are some exceptions like e.g. orders that grant you additional units. In your deck builder to will find a number that tells you how many orders your deck contains. I recommend using 11-14 orders in total.
  • Check if you have too many redundant cards in your deck. A very biased deck can make your strategy become very inflexible.
  • Learn from the games you have lost and try to get rid of cards that turned out to be worse than you originally thought. Reorganizing your deck can help you a lot if you are loosing too often lately.

Do not be impatient, when you loose a few times, because even when you are loosing you will be able to get many achievements and gold rewards that will give you a lot of new cards. Only when you are winning less than 1 in 5 games you should start to worry about your winning rate.

Written by Tiramisu.

Game:   KARDS