The Land of the Seazogs – Walkthrough Guide (Spoiler Free)

A short walkthrough to guide you through The Land of the Seazogs.

Spoiler Free Walkthrough Guide

Spoiler Free Walkthrough

I kept plot to a minimum and there are plenty of things to click on and explore, but this will guide you to the ending of the game.

After the introduction and you gain control, click on the set of drawers on the left side of the room. Examine it a second time, and you will open the drawer and will be able to take the ID card.

Use the ID card on the door panel to leave the room.

Try to use the elevator to find an unconscious Simon. Go to the second door, where Angus will go to the Elevator. Simon will be gone, but you will now have access to the elevator.

Go to the basement and enter the first door on the right (kitchen). On the top level, examine the group of drawers. Take a cookie from the drawer. Examine the top left shelf and take the box of seaweed.

Go to the room to the right and watch the cutscene with Bud, Lou, and Clarence. After the cut scene, use the cookie on the sick pet. It will vomit.

Leave the room and return to the elevator. Go to floor 1.

Go right and enter the infirmary. On the first floor pick up the bottle of tonic on the left. Examine the beds twice to obtain a thermal shirt. On the second floor, examine the shelf and take the dropper.

Leave the infirmary and go right and enter the laboratory. Click on the power generator until the machine breaks. Use the fertilizer on the photosynthetic machine and take the flower that grows.

Go back to the elevator and go to the second floor. Use the terminal next to the first door on the right. Give Writer the flower. Obtain VR glasses.

Leave and return to the elevator. And go to the third floor.
Enter the first door on the right and follow the corridor to talk to Bud. Pick up the lockpicks.
Leave the corridor and go right to the next door (Sanctuary). Pick up the oil next to Po

Return to the basement, and first go to the Rec room, and use the dropper on the vomit to collect a sample. Go right in the rec room to enter VR room. Use glasses on the VR machine. Watch Ode to the Seazog Eternal

Return to Writer’s room on Floor 2 and return the VR glasses.

Go to the first floor and enter the lab. Use the vomit sample on the machine (fluid analyzer) on the second floor. Click on the glowing panel and select to create a sample. Take the sample.

Return to the elevator, go to the basement and return to the Kitchen. Press the panel to open the door to the freezer. Use the sample on the Sample Reader. Click on the lever. Use the oil on the stuck drawer and take the light stick. Click on the computer and click unlock. Go to the room to the right. Click on the cabinet to read the confidential file. Use the sample on the machine and read the screen.

Return to the kitchen and use the lockpicks on the Vent. Enter the Vent. On the first spider click Flash, Burst, Flash, Burst. Second spider, Burst, Flash, Burst Burst. Third Spider, Flash, Flash, Flash, Burst

Use lockpicks on the locked door. Talk to Gustav, use Tonic on Gustav. Use Lockpicks on Gustav.

Return to the third floor and enter the corridor on the right. Take the elevator to the second floor and continue right. Take the elevator down. Go right to trigger cutscene with Vasgut. Use the oil on Vasgut. Click on the helmet. Go right and click on the super computer. Select Unlock Select Sort Code.

  • Arrange the lines of code as follows.
  • There where no one remembers.
  • Free from toxic unions.
  • Along the wind’s paths.
  • Identical souls meet.
  • Searching for a shortcut.
  • Among far-off unknowns.
  • I know there is another way.
  • Another possible way.
  • Only my destiny.
  • Will write the story that follows.
  • I fear nothing.
  • I feel nothing in here.
  • Other than the everlasting.
  • Glory of the seazog, eternal.
  • Click Validate, then launch autodestruction.
  • Exit left and return to the elevator.
  • Take the elevator, then enter the ship.
  • Roll Credits.

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