Call of the Sea – How to Solve Water Level Raise and Lower Puzzle (Chapter 5)

Water Level Raise and Lower Puzzle Solution (Chapter 5)


As soon as you start to progress through Chapter 5 you will notice a lack of clues. Which effected my gameplay time while trying to figure out this simple yet, due to not finding any clues a bit too tricky puzzle. Due to the switches being on three different levels it took me a good amount of time and effort to figure it out, it was pretty annoying due to the slow movement speed as well. So, here’s the solution.

First Switch

As soon as you get into the puzzle area on chapter 5 you will notice a Pilar with a switch.

Click it that’s number one.

Second Switch

Move to the upper level of the area.

You will find another Switch on the way, ignore it that’s your number three.

Go straight to the top that’s your number two.

Third Switch

You can’t miss it. it’s just in between.

Fourth Switch

As you enter the valley or puzzle area you will find two huts right Infront of you.

Your fourth and final switch is inside the first hut go and click and it.

And You’re Done

I hope this helped just go to the initiate button/switch and click it.

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