Stars End – Beginners Guide

An enhancement to the in-game starter guide to at least get your base started.

Guide to Newbies

Once You Exit Your Pod…

Once you exit your pod, you will want to begin looking for these kind of plants.

Secondly, you will look for a couple of different types of bushes that provide sticks.

Third, you will want to look for metal ruins to find scrap metal.

To make your first pickaxe, you need to gather

  • 6 – Wood Sticks
  • 1 – Scrap Cloth (made from 4 plant fibers)
  • 2 – Scrap Metal

Next the best item you can make is a saddle.This give you an early stage mode of transportation.

To make you Saddle

  • Hide – 2
  • Scrap Cloth – 10

This will make the travel times dramatically faster.

Now your ready to begin the journey to the mining facility to mine some Tarphite Ore. Use the mouse wheel, double click, and a bunch of Icons should appear on screen. You will be looking for The Tarphite Mine, should be the larger purple diamond with a picture of a pickaxe, like this. 

On the way to the mine, you will want to stop along the way to pick up items for your Backpack Shell. Next, you need to kill and animal for its hides. Multiple animals may be required. You will need the hides for the Makeshift Backpack. This will increase your carrying limit from 1000 to 2500. This is a significant increase when in comes to farming wood for your first structures.

For the Backpack Shell

  • 12 – Wood Sticks
  • 4 – Scrap Metal
  • 4 Hide

For the Makeshift Backpack

  • 1 – Backpack Shell
  • 4 – Hide
  • 8 – Scrap Cloth

Once at the Tarphite mine area, you will see Iron and Tarphite nodes. Using your pickaxe, mine the Tarphite ore until you have at least 16 ores. These will convert into Tarphite. 4 ores for one Tarphite. Next, grab 16 rocks (if you dont have them already) and head to the Iron Refinery. Its marked by a light gray diamond with a factory logo. Head to the center of the building and Smelt the ores. Once the ores are done, you now need to make concrete from the stones. You are now able to craft your Makeshift claim.

Makeshift Claim

  • 12 – Scrap Metal
  • 4 – Concrete
  • 4 – Tarphite

Now That You Have Your Claim

Now that you have a makeshift claim, localize your basic needs. Food, Water, building materials (I.E. stone, iron, wood) and try and make sure you claim is within a decent proximity to all or most of these. Wood will be a powerful first resource you’re going to farm to build up a base. This will require an Ax and Saw.

To make your Ax

  • Wood Stick – 6
  • Scrap metal – 3
  • Scrap Cloth – 1

Next will be the Saw

  • Wood Stick – 2
  • Scrap Metal – 4
  • Scrap Cloth – 2

Next, you need to build a workbench. This needs:

  • Wood Plank – 8
  • Scrap Metal – 18

Chopping down a tree will provide logs, cutting the large logs with the saw will provide 2 logs per cut, usually 5 cuts per large log will yield 10 logs in your inventory. Those 3 smaller logs and now be made into 2 planks.

I recommend bulding the concrete tiller (or dirt tiller) to place your basics on. it provides a great flat area to begin with, but is not required. The next item would be the Wood Shack. The Wood Shack will require:

  • Wood Plank – 16
  • Wood Log – 8
  • Scrap Metal – 12

Next build the Wood container, campfire, and sleeping bag. This should give you a fast and easy foundation to begin your base building and grinding to explore the Stars End.

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