Realm Royale – Beginners Tips

Beginners guide. How do you get better? Maybe you will get more Crown Royale.

Tips for Beginners

Choose the right class

If you want to be strong. Play all classes in the beginning to see which one you like and then level it to the maximum. You need a strategy in the game. Check my Awesome class builds guide for maby your ultimate strategy.

Where are you landing?

Landing is important. You don’t want to get into a fight right away. There are places where it can be busy. Avoid those in the beginning. Always land in the circle and near a forge. If you don’t, you maby won’t have enough time to craft items in the forge. See my guide The best places to land.

Make your items in the forge

Always make your items in a forge that are always stronger. First you need your weapon and armor and try to get everything on legendary.

Healing and Armor

Always have enough armor and healing potions with you and always try to have the bar full.


If you are a chicken dont give up. Maybe you can escape to windows or sharp corners. If you’re a chicken, don’t rely on one person.

Use your abilities

Always use your abilities in battle.

Watch the chimneys

Note the chimneys of the forge. So when those fires there are people.

Duo and Squads

Always communicate with your team and make sure you land with a teammate. You are always stronger together. Share everything together. A teammate who has no potions and almost no lives will hardly be able to win. Don’t leave when you’re done. Ask your teammates for healing if they don’t you can still leave, but if they finish 1st you won’t, but if you stay you win too. Is your teammate in battle, then always help him, if your teammate says enemy or enemy spotted then go with him.

Kills or Survival

It’s about surviving to the end but if you dont get any kills you won’t learn and you will usually lose, if you see someone go after them and kill them, if you let them go you may run into them again and then he has you. 1vs1 = you can certainly win. 2vs1 is certainly achievable. 3vs1 = better you go away. 4vs1 = run away very quickly, if you practice well enough you might be able to handle a whole squad on your own.

In battle

When you get into a fight. Always be smarter than your opponent(s). If your opponent(s) know where you are, move to another position or surprise them by approaching them.


You can also ping. You see an enemy ping the position for your teammates so that they know where the enemy is. Is the area large where you land? Ping where exactly you are going to land. Tap your scroll on your mouse to ping.

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