A Hat in Time – How to Obtain Challenge Road Achievement

Hello there, I have made this guide for those who quickly want to know how to complete this “rare” achievement.

Challenge Road Achievement Guide


Step 1

In order to access the challenge road you will need to be in your spaceship and go right where the slide is (next to the main chair/battle of the birds entrance) There will be a small ice pad there that may look like a carpet. What you have to do is use your ice hat on it and it will take you to a room with the mafia from “She came from outer space” (You can hook onto the ceiling with the hookshot badge for an extra achievement).

Step 2

Interact with the mafia and once it is available, you will be able to play the challenge road that ranges in difficulty and variety.

A Few More Words

Challenge roads contain community maps ranging from 3-7 maps in a single challenge road and completing all of them grants you the achievement and some rift tokens or other rewards along the way. 

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