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Iron Conflict - Aircraft Types Guide

Written by The Weather Channel   /   Jan 8, 2021    

A basic overview of the different types of aircraft available in Iron Conflict.

Guide to Aircraft Types


In Iron Conflict, players choose from several different unit types to create formations. Each unit type has its own special characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses. By combining different types of units together, players can create well-rounded formations with units that complement one another effectively. They must also coordinate with their teammates to ensure that the team as a whole is able to deal with the challenges they face on the battlefield.

The quickest units in Iron Conflict are not light tanks, but aircraft. Recon aircraft feature excellent Visual Range, while Fighters and Bombers will require some assistance in spotting enemies before their full potential can be realized. At present, aircraft includes recon aircraft, fighter aircraft, and bombers, though other air units including helicopters will be added to the game soon.

Recon Aircraft

  • Firepower: ☆
  • Defense: ★
  • Mobility: ★★★★★
  • Ground Visual Range: ★★★★★
  • Air Visual Range: ★★★★★
  • Concealment: ★☆


  1. Recon aircraft features excellent Ground and Air Visual Ranges as well as superb Mobility. These units are the best way to see what’s happening on the battlefield.
  2. Unlike Scout infantry, recon aircraft is mainly used to get the strategic layout of the enemy across the entire battlefield.
  3. Despite their obvious strengths, these units lack combat capabilities.
  4. Recon aircraft are very good at detecting enemy units, but are also easily detected themselves.
  5. These aircraft are easily annihilated when not escorted by friendly fighter aircraft.
  6. Recon aircraft usually hover near the front lines, using their high Mobility and Visual Range to quickly detect enemy positions, then withdraw to safety.

Fighter Aircraft

  • Firepower: ★★☆
  • Defense: ★☆
  • Mobility: ★★★★☆
  • Ground Visual Range: ★
  • Air Visual Range: ★★★★☆
  • Concealment: ★


  1. Fighter aircraft are the main fighting force in the skies.
  2. Both anti-air cannons and anti-air missiles are capable of dealing fatal damage to fighter aircraft.
  3. Fighter aircraft can be equipped with air-to-ground missiles to enable them to attack armored targets on the ground.
  4. Though they feature high Mobility and are unimpeded by terrain, they have low Ground Visual Range, which makes them vulnerable to falling into anti-air traps.
  5. Fighter aircraft can be used to escort friendly aircraft, or pursue and kill enemy aircraft. Once air dominance is obtained, then the fighter aircraft can be used to help attack enemy ground units.

Fighter aircraft are ideally used when close to friendly recon aircraft or Scout infantry, or in areas where enemy anti-air defenses are weak.


  • Firepower: ★★★★☆
  • Defense: ★★
  • Mobility: ★★★★
  • Ground Visual Range: ☆
  • Air Visual Range: ★★★★
  • Concealment: ☆


  1. Bombers are the best air units to use when up against heavy ground forces.
  2. Damage against heavily armored ground units is high, though range is small. Damage against lightly armored ground units is low, though range is large.
  3. Generally, bombers should not be dispatched to the front lines until your recon units have spotted the enemy.
  4. Bombers should generally be used to help your ground forces when they are locked in intense battles with other ground forces.
  5. Bombers are virtually defenseless against enemy aircraft, so they should be used in conjunction with fighter aircraft escorts, or in areas in which you’ve got lots of anti-air defenses.
  6. Bombers move more slowly than fighter and recon aircraft, and are not as quick to respond to changing situations, so make sure to keep them in a good position to maximize their effectiveness.


In sum, aircraft are extremely powerful units with versatile uses. It is entirely possible to forgo a ground force entirely, and still have a well-rounded formation composed solely of air units - provided your teammates help pick up the slack on the ground.

Here is a quick reference chart:

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