Universe Sandbox – How to Make a Brown Dwarf (with a Bunch of Jupiters)

This guide will show how to make a brown dwarf without cooling down a star in the adding section but with jupiters.

Guide to Making a Brown Dwarf


In this guide, I will show you how to make a brown dwarf with no small star but with 3-5 jupiters.


1st step

You need to create a jupiter using the add tool.

2nd step

You need to enable gravity and collisions, then form another jupiter, it should pull it in and 1 jupiter should survive the collision.

3rd step

Keep using jupiters to colide with eachother, you need to run about 3-5 jupiters to make a brown dwarf, if you wanna keep it a brown dwarf without cooling down you need a star, use the sun for example.

4th step

Depending on what planet you use it may need more of the planet to create the brown dwarf, jupiter is the best.

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