Total War: Warhammer II – How to Play the High Elves (Asur)

This is a guide how to play the High Elves both in the Vortex campaign and in the Mortal Empires campaign.

Guide to Play the High Elves

  • In both campaigns you have to defeat the dark elves (Kult of Excesses). Than you have to unite Ulthuan.
  • You can begin to confederate fractions like Avalon, Ellyrion,Chrace and Cothique.
  • You also have to defeat Saphery and conquer their territories.
  • Then Malekith will come from the North (on the higher difficulties with a lot of power).
  • You should defeat him while you confederate other high elves fractions.
  • In the beginning you are going to use a lot of archers to kill the enemies and a few Spear bearer to hold up the enemies.
  • Later you can use a mix from Sisters of Avalon, a few dragons, a little bit cavalry, 3 or 4 artillery units and 4-5 Melee fighters.
  • You also have to go to the shrine of khaine.
  • With the sword of khaine Tyrion is the best melee lord in the game.
  • You have to conquer the territories of the dark elves and then you have to go to Lustria.
  • Later you can go to Arabia or the old world.
  • The chaos isn’t a big problem. You can have 2 good armies backup which can defeat the chaos.In the Vortex campaign you can win so easily on every difficulty (if you can play this game Ok´(not every time auto resolve)).
  • In Mortel Empires you should ally you with the dwarfs and the empire so you have all important cities in the game.
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