Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy – Lunchbox Specialist Achievement Guide (Episode 5)

A guide (spoilers included) for unlocking the coveted Lunchbox Specialist achievement in Episode 5 of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

How to Obtain Lunchbox Specialist Achievement


The game will track which lunches have been seen before in subsequent play-throughs, but if you want to get the achievement the first time through, this is the guide to help with that.

I recommend using this guide alongside a progression guide as I don’t cover every answer for the case.

Day 1 – Investigation

Alt-Text 1. Half-and-Half

Talk to Angel for the first time in the Underground Parking Lot. Story related, so, hard to miss.

Alt-Text 2. Crunchy Goodness

Will also be seen when talking to Angel for the first time in the Underground Parking Lot.

Alt-Text 3. General Tso’s Trilobite

“Talk” to Angel about every topic possible and you should see this one.

Alt-Text 4. Lunchland’s Pickle Supreme

This one is missable! Make sure to “Present” your “Attorney’s Badge” to Angel before you go to the Prosecutor’s Office.

Day 2 – Trial Former

Alt-Text 5. Caviar

Angel will give this to the Judge at the beginning and end of the trial.

Alt-Text 6. Fiesta

Angel gives this to Phoenix at the beginning of the trial.

Alt-Text 7. Fingerprint

Angel gives this to Edgeworth at the beginning of the trial.

Alt-Text 8. Salmon Swirl

During the “Witness Account” cross-examination, present the “Crime Photo” at the statement that starts with “The chief prosecutor was…”. This is required to advance the story but should still be mentioned.

Alt-Text 9. First Love

This one is missable! After seeing the Salmon Swirl lunch you’ll be asked if you want to raise an objection. Choose “No Problem” to see this lunchbox. The other choice will simply progress the story.

Alt-Text 10. Moss Surprise

During the “Angel’s Deduction” cross-examination, present “Goodman’s Autopsy Report” at the statement that starts with “Nothing else could drive…”. This is also story-related.

Alt-Text 11. Crime Scene

This will be seen shortly after the Moss Surprise lunchbox as the story goes along.

Alt-Text 12. P’tooey

This one is missable! Press Angel’s statement that goes “Ah yes. When I…” in the “Apprehending the Suspect” cross-examination and choose to “Ask Further”. This will add a new testimony where you should press her on the “She gave up trying to use…” statement. Out of the three options, choose “What she saw”. You will be penalized, but you will see this lunchbox.

Alt-Text 13. Orange-Peel

Do not reload a save. Repeat the last set of actions but choose “The order of events”. You’ll be penalized again but you’ll see this lunchbox.

Alt-Text 14. Squid Wheels

Answer “Where she saw it” to the last part to progress the story, then choose “Distance to the crime” to see this lunchbox.

Alt-Text 15. Jumbo

Story related. May not count for the achievement, but Angel will give this to the Judge through story progression.

Day 2 – Investigation

Alt-Text 16. Deli

Visit the Underground Parking Lot and talk to Angel to see this one.

Alt-Text 17. Salisbury Steak

Present either “Goodman’s Note” or “Goodman’s ID” and the “Crime Photo” to Angel and “Talk” to her on every topic possible to see and obtain this one.

Day 3 – Investigation

Alt-Text 18. Quarter-Pounder Roast Beef

After talking to Edgeworth in his office, talk to Angel in the parking lot to see this one.

Achievement Get!

After seeing all lunches and completing all steps above, the achievement should pop. 

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