Battlestations: Midway – Useful Tips and Tricks

Some useful tricks for Battlestations: Midway.

Tips and Trick for Players


Welcome in this short guide sailor. I’m playing Midway since it’s relase, so I think I can call myself experienced player. I learned a few tricks that might help you in the game. These tricks are not for exact missions, but for all the gameplay.

Submarine – staying at crush depth without taking damage

You can get benefits of staying at depth level 4 without taking damage. To do so, get your submarine at this depth:

Then, press alternately C and F to stay at it. Congratulations, now you are impossibe to detect and your hull is not being crushed by pressure.

Submarine – Firing torpedoes at point blank range

As we all know, when submerged submarine fires torpedoes, they need some time to rise to their operation range. Fired at long range they most likely miss. When you surface your submarine to be right in front of the enemy unit, and then quickly submerge and fire torpedoes, they will be unavoidable.

Submarine – how to change depth quickly

If you are at, let’s say, depth level 3, and want to get to level 2, instead of setting your submarine to rise exactly to this level is much quicker to order surfacing. Submarine will rapidly go upwards, and if you are at desired level just stop emerging. Your welcome.

Level bomber – bombing at low altitude

The game recommends you to do level bombing from great altitudes. Wrong! Instead, lower your plane and drop bombs from extremely low altitude.

This is the case for the buildings too

You can also adjust throttle to move crosshair, if you slow down the crosshair will move backwards, if you speed up it will go forward. Use it to make as many as possible bombs connect with target.

This tactic is insanely powerful, and lets you single-handedly take out anything up to light cruiser, any building, and even aircraft carrier with single bomber.

Dive bomber- One shotting destroyers

One bomb – one kill. You can blow up entire destroyer with a single dive bomber. All the secret is to land the bomb exactly in that spot of the ship:

Obviously, when ship is moving you need to lead your target. It might be hard to pull off for newbies, but with some practice you will be sniping and one shotting destroyers with ease, making them no longer really a threat for you.

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