Curse of the Dead Gods – Survival Guide

An overview for a fresh player to learn of some mechanics without having to learn it the hardway. I am writing this guide very early into my play time so have captured a new players experience.

Guide to Survival


Lighting is a great place to start a key game mechanic. pressing 1 with equip your torch will light up the area around you being in the light offers buffs the main one being reduced damage so whenever possible aim to fight in the light there will often be stuff for you to light around a location which means you can swap out to your weapon whilst still being lit.

Fire damage

Fire damage is a great other option, some rooms wont have anything to be lit or they have been destroyed by mobs/traps. in this case by using fire damage your enemy will be set on fire causing them to emit light and therefore buffing you in combat.


Managing your corruption is a core part of the game, as you progress through the stages you will inevitably gain corruption. at first this acts more as a modifier for each run than a super punishing prevention. In some cases in can stop you in your tracks though. I got one that drained health every second until you reach 1health. this for instance is unlucky and each run you got to pray to RNGesus that you get lucky with them.

Each run as you gain a corruption make sure you read and note what you are afflected by and play around your strenghs and weaknesess. you can check your corruptions from the inventory screen at any time.

At alters you can also offer your blood which will strike a balance of risk vs reward. Gold is the better way to buy stuff only sacrifice blood if you are desperate for that item and think it will pay off in the run.

After defeating a champion you get the opportunity to remove one corruption so choose wislely.

Gold Management

Making sure you spend a save gold is a key mechanic to learn in game.

On a simple level you want enough to buy upgrades at the end of rooms and not finish the run with too much or its wasted. so take gold rooms until you feel you have enought to spend at a upgrade or attribute room. going into these rooms with no gold is a mistake or you’ll have to use blood which is not favourable.

As you venture through the dungeon there a breakables along the side some will show gold these of course you will want to smash. but the others dont contain random loot which is a nice change to dungeon crawlers. No longer do you have to smash everything you see for the small chance at an item. just keep a look out for the gold ones.


The combat in this game is amazing, for a game that feels like a mix of Torchlight and Darkest Dungeon the combat requires you to learn the attacks of the enemies you face within each dungeon there are different mobs, if there is a pack its usually best to take out some of the weaker ones first so you can concentrate on taking down the big one easier. less attacks to anticipate means you’ll hopefully take less damage. leaving a fight with the least health loss possible is the aim.


The mobs will have a set of attacks/moves you can learn to predict when you can attack and when you need to kite/ dodge. spend some time learning how to defend against the mobs dont blindly hack and slash into everything you see.


Stamina are the 5 dots below your character (Sometimes reduced to 4 with corruption).

Your actions like rolling or power attacks will cost a point of stamina. waiting for a second or two will restore your stamina. When engaging a mob for a combo make sure you are at max stamina you effectively fight.

Killing an enemy will restore a stamina (with some corruption it will restore 2).


Traps in this game are deadly and will require you to dodge (space) they can be seen coming so keep your torch out when navigating the dungeons. when possible use the traps against your enemies certain traps are ideal for killing mobs

Chain reaction

Often traps will be laid out in a manner that means when one goes off it will cause a chain reaction that could land you in a world of harm. keep an eye out for traps that are close to eachother. if possble set off traps that could lead up to some mobs.

Written by Lamb

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