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DiRT Rally - How to Obtain Take Your Pick Achievement (Easy Method)

Written by Mayank   /   Jan 14, 2021    

Super Easy guide to get the "Take Your Pick" achievement for Hill Climb races.

Take Your Pick Achievement Guide

Getting Familiar with Hill Climb

So you might have seen the "Take Your Pick" achievement at some point and tried to earn it, only to miss out on it at the last moment during hill-climb. But don't worry, there is a way even for us keyboard users, noobs to get this seemingly veteran tier achievement! You just have to be decent enough to not go off-track every now and then.

Step 1: Practice Hill-climbs

Purchase a Hill-Climb vehicle, start playing the stages with it. Upgrade it to the fullest and get familiar with the hill-climb tracks at Pikes Peak as well as your car.

Learn the tracks well. This does need a bit of practice but it's easier to get the achievement this way. I promise!

Getting the Achievement

Step 2: Custom Events

  1. Go to Custom Events tab on the right side from the main menu of the game
  2. Select the Hillclimb event.
  3. Select Pikes Peak, USA as the location. It should be the default location anyway.
  4. Select any number of stages you want. I recommend 2 stages. One for warm-up, and second for actually trying for the achievement.
  5. Just below the number of stages there's an option called "Results Type". Select "Community Delta" for this one.
  6. Hit enter and that's all! Now all you need to do is beat the community delta time during both of your runs in these stages. This means you have to be first in both runs while also beating your own time from the first run during your second run.

Written by Mayank.

Game:   DiRT Rally