Little Nightmares – How to Fix Chapter 4 Fatal Error

A “fix” regarding the crash in the fourth chapter of Little Nightmares.

Chapter 4 Fatal Error Fix Guide


In the fourth chapter of Little Nightmares, there’s an event when one of the chefs comes out of an elevator and Six has to run away from him. However, during this chase, there’s a certain spot at which the game sometime crashes and shows a fatal error.

This guide will show you how to get around and skip that part, so you can instantly get inside the elevator.


Here’s how to instantly get on the second floor, skipping the part where the game crashes:

Once you’re in front of the elevator, rush towards it and hide on the right (like in the picture below):

Once the elevator door opens and the chef comes out of it, quickly run inside the elevator. The moment you set foot inside the elevator, the door will close and you’ll get on the second floor.

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