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HARDCORE MECHA - Guide to Multiplayer Grinding Made

Written by Neowatt47   /   Jan 15, 2021    

Tired of playing that boring, frustrating, time consuming quick game mode but you still want to get the unlocks and achievements? than this guide should help you out a little.

Multiplayer Grinding Made Guide

The Setup

The setup is as follows: go into multiplayer and then set up a custom game. Then make the settings the following:

  • Mode: doesn't matter, but I prefer team deathmatch because it says lose in big text over the enemies as apposed to 2nd place in free for all.
  • Bots: only turn on one and set it to easy.

Then under rules set the timer to 30 seconds.

Then for map choice, avoid the map Mine 112 as it's counter-intuitive to the strategy this is built around. Other than that pick any map you feel comfortable in moving through quickly to kill the bot and then hiding. Personally I like the Downtown Orcus map as the bot tends to get lost/stuck easier than on other maps, plus it's really funny when you can get in a bonus train kill.

Once you're done with all that, it's time to begin the match!

The Match

The match part is thankfully pretty simple and doesn't require anything crazy, just pick the mech you like the most (I like using Crimson Flame because you can get kills really fast in it when used properly), kill the bot once, and then hide. The best hiding spot in Downtown Orcus that I've found is above the little train tunnels on the top part of the map as if the bot spawns in on the right side of the map it has a hard time getting to you and if it spawns on the left you have a clear shot when it comes at you.

Note: This image was taken before this strat was refined which is why there are multiple enemy bots on the map.

I'm not sure about hiding spots in the other maps but the bots like to think they can hit you through walls a lot from what I've seen so I imagine it's not that hard to hide from them in other maps. This is also why Mine 112 is a bad map for this, as it's very open and the bot can get to you fairly easily with no place to really hide from it, making this get one kill and hide strategy not very effective on that map.

The Results

If done correctly, every match will get you 350 XP. Even if the bot kills you if you can at least kill it twice you'll get up to at least 320+ XP per match. Combined with the 30 second time limit and it saves a ton of time over going into quick match and doing those over and over. Plus the bots don't cheat nearly as hard as they do on quick match! The only downside is you can't skip the results screen in this, and it takes about 20 seconds to go away. however this still saves about 2+ minutes over quick match so it's still a great time save.

Also despite the description of all the multiplayer achievements saying "in quick game mode" you can actually still get them using similar methods described here. Just make sure you increase the time limit as it's pretty hard to kill a mech as a pilot in 30 seconds.

Written by Neowatt47.