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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator - Amounts of Default Wobblers You Need to Defeat Units

Written by DistractionCat   /   Updated: Jan 15, 2021    

Guide to Amounts of Default Wobblers


  • Map will always be Tribal 1, unless stated otherwise.
  • Red will always be the default Wobbler, unless stated otherwise.
  • All units will be placed 6 Wobblers away from eachother, unless stated otherwise.
  • The test is always ran 5 times, even if it is a victory. If every single time the test is ran the blue side won then another Wobbler is added, then the test is ran another 5 times.
  • The Wobblers always are placed in a horizontal line. Meaning, if a 2nd wobbler is needed, it goes 2 wobblers behind the 1st.

What Is A Default Wobbler?

When you start up the Unit Creator, the 1st thing you see is a Wobbler. This is the default Wobbler. The unit that is automatically created upon starting up the Unit Creator. It has all default stats. 100hp, 1x size, speed, weight, etc.


  • Prediction: 3/5, 1 Wobbler needed
  • 1/5
  • 1 Wobbler needed.


  • Prediction: 1/5, 1 Wobbler needed
  • 2/5
  • 1 Wobbler needed.

Spear Thrower

  • Prediction: 1/10, 2 Wobblers needed
  • 4/5
  • 1 Wobbler needed.

Extra Note: The reason for the default Wobbler smashing the Spear Throwers head in is due to the spear thrower missing, having low health and high recharge time.


  • Prediction: 3/5, 1 Wobbler needed
  • 1/5
  • 1 Wobbler needed.

Extra Note: The Stoner (somehow) missed the default Wobbler on the LAST test, causing the wobbler to kill him before he could get another bolder. Talk about clutch.

Bone Mage

  • Prediction: 1/5, 1 Wobbler needed
  • 5/20
  • 4 Wobblers needed.

Extra Note: The wobblers are put down in a line, so it was REALLY hard for them to survive the Bone Mage. The close range staff whack made it even worse.


  • Prediction: 3/10, 2 Wobblers needed.
  • 1/45
  • 9 Wobblers needed.

Extra Note: Chieftan is a perfect blend of high attack, attack speed, high hp and other Wobbler shredding capabilities. Moral of the story? Never use default Wobblers to kill a Chieftan. Mammoth is going to be even worse than this guy, though.


Written by DistractionCat.