Dead by Daylight – Ultimate Bloodpoint Guide

Quickly increase your bloodpoint gains for killer and survivor.

Comprehensive Guide to Bloodpoints

All credit goes to clarkexc!


This guide will help you increase your bloodpoint gains as survivor and killer quickly.

I’ll start by going over the best perks and loadouts to use, cover the basics of bloodpoints and go onto more advanced specific score events for both survivor and killer – I’ll also include a bonus tips section with some important notes.

Survivor Perks

We’re Gonna Live Forever

  • Level 30 David King.

We’re Gonna Live Forever is the best bloodpoint farming perk by far and should be the pinacle of your bloodpoint build.

Gain a Token for performing any of the following actions up to 4 tokens:

  • Perform a Safe Hook Rescue.
  • Take a Protection Hit for an injured Survivor.
  • Stun the Killer to rescue a carried Survivor.
  • Blind the Killer to rescue a carried Survivor.
  • For each token, you will earn 25% bloodpoints post-trial.
  • Earning bloodpoints post-trial ignores the in-game bloodpoint cap, allowing you to earn more.

And as a bonus, When healing a dying Survivor, your Healing speed is increased by 100 %.

Prove Thyself

  • Level 35 Dwight Fairfield.

Prove Thyself is a decent perk with a powerful effect with a useful additional bloodpoint multiplier on the side. With this perk equipped, instead of having to complete around three generators to complete the objective category, you only need to complete one and a half as long as you are working on a generator with someone.

For each survivor working on a generator within 4 meters, gain a 15% repair speed bonus.

Gain 100% increased bloodpoints for co-operative actions.

Borrowed Time

  • Level 35 William “Bill” Overbeck.

The idea of Borrowed Time in the build is to ensure that you are getting safe unhooks as they grant extra bloodpoints. A safe unhook is when you unhook someone and they do not get downed within ten seconds.

After unhooking a Survivor within the Killer’s Terror Radius, for 15 seconds, any damage taken that would put the unhooked Survivor into the Dying State will instead apply the Deep Wound.


  • Level 30 Claudette Morel.

This perk is a weaker one for farming bloodpoints, but it allows you to easily find players to heal to increase your Altruism category.

The aura of survivors in the injured or dying state will be visible to you within 128 metres.

Survivor Basics

For earning bloodpoints as survivor, there are four categories that each max out at 8,000 for a total of 32,000 bloodpoints however can be increased, which will be explained later in the guide.


  • Objectives – Awarded by completing generators, chests and totems and opening the exit gate.
  • Survival – Awarded by staying alive in the game.
  • Altruism – Awarded by healing and unhooking other survivors.
  • Boldness – Awarded by interacting with the killer, including being chased.

Survivor Score Events

I have compiled a variety of the most common score events for each category and listed them here.

Keep in mind, avoiding killer abilities also awards you bloodpoints.

% based means awards 1% of total bloodpoints every 1% of progress.

Objectives (8,000 max)

  • Generator – 1,250 (% based)
  • Chest Unlocked – 500 (% based)
  • Exit gate opening – 1,250 (% based)
  • Hatch open / hatch escape – 2,500
  • Generator Good skill check – 50
  • Generator Great skill check – 150

Survival (8,000 max)

  • Survived – 5,000
  • Killer stun / escape grasp – 500
  • Dying as obsession – 1,000
  • Escaping as obsession – 1,500
  • Healing Good skill check – 50
  • Healing Great skill check – 150

Altruism (8,000 max)

  • Heal – 500 (% based)
  • Hook rescue – 1,000
  • Killer grasp rescue – 1,250
  • Protection hit – 200
  • Quitter bonus – 600

Boldness (8,000 max)

  • Chased – 40 (per second)
  • Chase vault – 100 (1,500 max)
  • Escaped chase – 400
  • Totem cleansing – 1,000 (1,500 hex)
  • Killer blind – 400
  • Hook sabotage – 500
  • Basement time – 5 (per second)

Note: that you will be awarded a bonus on every event after the final generator being completed.

Killer Perks

BBQ and Chilli

  • Level 40 The Cannibal.

BBQ and Chilli is single-handedly the best one way to obtain additional bloodpoints and is only available for killer. With an already powerful perk affect, you can also effectively double your bloodpoint earnings per game by just playing.

After hooking a Survivor, all survivors’ auras are revealed to you for 4 seconds when they are farther than 40 metres from the hook.

Each time a Survivor is hooked for the first time, gain a 25% stack-able bonus post-game.


  • Automatically Unlocked.

Distressing is the most situational perk listed here. Only use this perk if it compliments your loadout and killer, otherwise the increased terror radius can backfire.

Your Terror Radius is increased by 26%.

Gain 100% more Bloodpoints for actions in the Deviousness category.

Killer Basics

Like survivor, there are four categories that each max out at 8,000 for a total of 32,000 bloodpoints, however because of the nature of killer having more to do, they earn more blood points than survivor, on average.


  • Brutality – Awarded by damaging survivors and break actions.
  • Deviousness – Awarded by using the killer’s power.
  • Hunter – Finding, chasing and catching survivors
  • Sacrifice – Hooking, killing and sacrificing survivors.

Killer Score Events

I have compiled a variety of the most common score events for each category and listed them here.

% based means awards 1% of total bloodpoints every 1% of progress.

Brutality (8,000 max)

  • Hit – 300
  • Catch – 600
  • Break action – 100
  • Quitter bonus – 625

Deviousness (8,000 max)

  • Bleeding (survivor healing) – 250 (% based)
  • Death (survivor bled out) – 50
  • Hatch closed – 250
  • Gate open – 500
  • No one escaped – 2,500
  • Killer power – variable

Hunter (8,000 max)

  • Chase fewer than 60 seconds – 10 (per second)
  • Chase longer than 60 seconds – 2 (per second)
  • Starting chase (with survivor for first time) – 400
  • Starting chase (with survivor again) – 200
  • Locker catch – 600

Sacrifice (8,000 max)

  • Hooked – 500
  • First hook – 200
  • Second hook – 200
  • Sacrificed – 500
  • Kill – 1,000
  • Times’ up (end-game collapse ends) – 500

Note: that you will be awarded a bonus on every event after the final generator being completed.

General Tips

Always use Bloodpoint offerings

Before going into each match, remember to use a bloodpoint offering, even if it’s a common.

Never use Bloodpoint addons

Some killers have addons that reduce the power in exchange for bonus bloodpoints. These are terrible – never use them unless you are very confident in your skill.

Take advantage of events

This should be obvious, but just putting it out there anyway. It’s good to know when there are double bloodpoint events going on for major bonuses.

Play with friends

Playing with friends is great for multiple reasons:

  • Communication improves your game, passively improving your bloodpoints from a longer survival rate.
  • Friends can let you do more if you are needing bloodpoints (e.g. unhooking).

Take advantage of Bloodpoint codes

  • Dead by Daylight regularly release bloodpoint codes. Check it here.
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