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DiRT Rally - When Jon Met Paul Achievement Guide (Easy Method)

Written by Mayank   /   Jan 15, 2021    

Easiest way to get the When Jon Met Paul achievement.

How to Obtain When Jon Met Paul Achievement

Get the Car and the Livery

In this very obvious step, you'll need to purchase the Subaru Impreza 1995 and apply the Dirt 3 livery to it. This is what it looks like.

When you've done that, go practice with the car on your favourite tracks/locations until you upgrade it fully. Remember to tune the car to your liking and try to beat your own best times with it on your favourite tracks. Don't need to worry even if you can't beat the easiest "Open" difficulty just yet. As long as you get comfortable with the car and the track you should be fine.

Getting the Achievement

  1. Once you've gotten comfortable with this car on your favourite track, head over to the very first main menu right after the game loads on starting up. Instead of going to Career tab, select "Custom Events" on the right in upper row.
  2. Select your favourite location. For example, my favourite location is Baumholder, Germany.
    Set the number of stages to 1. Remember, as long as it's an event, the number of stages doesn't matter. In the "Results Type", select "Community Delta" and proceed.
  3. Now you can select your favourite track that you've practised on.
  4. The Community Delta timings are usually longer than even the easiest AI difficulty of the game. Beat the Delta Time in this event with the singular stage and that's all! Now you've earned yourself an achievement that only 1.6% of the game's players on Steam have.


You have to put on the Dirt 3 livery. I totally forgot doing this on my first two tries and didn't even realise I was using the wrong livery!

Written by Mayank.

Game:   DiRT Rally