Arcanbreak – 100% Achievements Guide

Complete achievements guide, spoilers ahead!

How to Obtain All Achievements

Unskippable Achievements


  • Found the plans of the Alchemists.
  • Click on the scroll on the table in Alchemists guild.


  • Collected all the recipes.
  • Collect 5 recipe scrolls in Alchemists guild.

Senior Inquisitor

  • Arun left to warn the Inquisition.
  • Choose Arun after the explosion of the door.


Novice Inquisitor

  • Quila left to warn the Inquisition.
  • Choose Quila after the explosion of the door.

Three Birds With One Stone

  • Killed three people with one bomb.
  • [Arun] After leaving Alchemists guild, throw the bomb at the alchemists.



  • Stabbed someone in the back.
  • [Quila] After leaving Alchemists guild, backstab alchemist with your dagger.


  • Witnessed the Arcanbreak.
  • End the game and sing “There is my mind”…

Optional Achievements


  • Got through the city without getting caught.
  • Don’t cross the red areas of the guards.

Avid Reader

  • Found all the lore books.
  • Just check all clickable objects (maybe I’ll add a list later, if you’ll have problems with it).

The White-Haired Woman

  • Listened to the speech of the Alchemist leader.
  • After you leave the room with imprisoned Arun and eavesdrop alchemists plan, follow them to the next hall (to the right).

Visions Of The Future

  • It all seems so… Familiar.
  • Click on the paintings in the main hall and bald man room in the Alchemists Guild.

Horrible Secret

  • Who would do something like this?
  • Click on smelling locker in the barracks (the lowest room).

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