People Playground – How to Make Burst Guns (Alternative Method)

This is a slightly better way to make these.

Guide to Make Burst Guns

How to Make Activator

This is a much easier way to make these guns! It’s even mobile!


  • Choose a gun.
  • Spawn a lag box, metronome, and activator of some kind.
  • Wire them like this:

When the activator is pressed, it will fire a burst depending on the lag box time and metronome speed.


  • Fires in a stable burst.


  • You have to use the activator to fire, not the gun.

How to Make Weapon Activator

This version uses the weapon itself to fire the burst.


  • Get a lag box and metronome.
  • Wire them like this:


  • Easy to use.
  • Uses weapon as activator.


  • Fires a less stable burst, first shot fires earlier than the rest.
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