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GONNER2 - How to Find New Weapons / Heads?

Written by SHAUNI.dwg   /   Jan 19, 2021    

How to Find New Weapons / Heads?

At the 3rd room of the Dumb Head and Dumb Computer levels are located secret areas.

  • For the Dumb Head level you have to go through a series of brain blocks situated at the floor or above you. Dig using ammo/dash, and you will find a purple chest.

Examples during the Dumb Head level.

  • For the Dumb Computer level it will be in the air on a high up platform. Default dash is enough to go there. Using The Seeing Head might help to spot the platforms.

Examples during the Dumb Computer level.

Drops are random, so you can find a weapon/head you already have.

It's a bit less fun than GoNNER since you have to farm them if you are looking for a specific item.

I don't know if there are secret areas during the other levels.

Written by SHAUNI.dwg.

Game:   GONNER2