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GONNER2 - How to Find Power-Ups?

Written by SHAUNI.dwg   /   Jan 19, 2021    

How to Find Power-Ups?

Power-Up can be found at 3 places.

  • In any room, inside a chest. You will have to jump on it or dash to open it. There will also be a heart, some skulls and in-game currency.
  • At the shop, before a boss fight. There will always be 2 Power-Ups (unless you already have 5) for a price between 20 and 50 (prices aren't exact, it's just an approximation).
  • After beating a boss, you enter a big room. On the far right is a wall you can climb to find a skeleton (maybe sally, I don't know) and 5 flying fireflies (?). You must touch them several times so that they all have the same color. Once done, 5 random Power-Ups will spawn.

Free Power-Ups location.

Power-Ups are a great addition to GoNNER and can completely change your gameplay and your approach to the game. You shouldn't skimp on them. Be aware that you can have 5 Power-Ups at the time. If you pick a 6th, the first Power-Up you had will disappear (the one on the left side).

Written by SHAUNI.dwg.

Game:   GONNER2