Rust – Twitch Drops Guide (January 2021)

This guide include Twitch skin drops for Rust.


This guide include Twitch skin drops possible to unlock until 23rd January 11:30pm UTC. All 11 available Items have been divided into two groups: Rust Drops and Streamers Drops. They are untradable and unmarketable.

To get skins you have to watch any streams with Drops Enabled Tag.

Streamer Drops require to watch the specific streamer. Streamers choose their broadcasting times, which vary widely. You can check the Schedule tab on the streamer’s profile. Perhaps he has scheduled the broadcasting times.

  • To activate Rust Drops sign in to with your Twitch and Steam account.
  • Go to to connect your Twitch account with Steam. You can unlink your accounts at any time and link a new one.
  • Go to to see your progress and claim the skins. It can take up to 10 minutes for items to show up in your Steam inventory.

Claim the previous reward to start earning progress for the next one. Watch only one stream at the same time. You can also check ongoing and completed drops from other games in All Campaigns tab.

You can claim the skins without purchasing Rust but you have to own Rust to be eligible to receive skins in your Steam inventory. You can purchase Rust later and use Check for Missing Drops button. Twitch Prime (from 19th January known as Prime Gaming) isn’t required.

Note: You can mute stream and set it to 160p quality to save your resources if needed. You can have it running in the background.

Twitch Drops (January 16-23)

Skins with links to any Drop Enabled stream and number of hours required to unlock item:

Streamer Drops (January 16-23)

Skins with links to streams and number of hours requied to unlock item:

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