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Blood of Steel - Useful Tips for Archers

Written by 洪兴-sigmar   /   Updated: Jan 20, 2021    

Tips and Tricks for Archers


In NA servers, I notice many people do not understand how to play archers. Many people just hate their archer teammate. However, a successful archer player has the ability to lead the whole war. In the very first, Archer needs infantry's protect. Infantry player pls stay around your archer.

Some Tips for Balian and Philip II Players

  1. The shields on your crossbowmen's backs are not merely for show. Turn your backs on your enemy when reloading.
  2. Before using volley fire, use F2 to let your archers form up into columns perpendicular to the enemy before letting loose."
  3. In the situation of a ranged shootout. When the back-shield is given to the enemy, you can wait for a while even if the loading is completed. Wait until the opposite arrow hit your shield and then turn your ass to shoot back.
  4. Use "~" watch enemy location, and use it to help you to take the next aim and shoot.

Balian Tips

  1. Balian's building can attract enemy troops, so use it to block enemy when your run away.
  2. Suggestion of the building's location has have 4, that 2 in front and 2 in mid of your troops.
  3. Balian's shield can not defend his head, so you can shoot Balian's fat head to kill him no matter which side.
  4. When you already in fire of enemy, stop build your stuff and play yourself as Phillip.

Written by 洪兴-sigmar.