Cuphead – Ribby and Croaks Guide

A complete guide to Ribby and Croaks!

Guide to Ribby and Croaks


You should have the Heart, Peashooter, Super Art 1, and Chaser equipped. The Chaser is pretty much useless, but you could use it on the fireflies. Never stop firing!

Phase 1

This phase is pretty easy. Croaks will fire fireflies, you must shoot them or they will damage you.

Ribby will fire Hadoukens at you. Go to the bottom left and duck. Only jump over the bottom Hadoukens. Do not use super moves. Keep firing and you will get to phase 2!

Phase 2

When Ribby starts to crouch down, you have officially survived to their second phase! Ribby will start to roll towards you. Jump right after he starts moving! After that, Croaks will turn into a fan. He will blow you towards Ribby. Ribby will also clap, summoning balls that will bounce. Run towards Croaks, but don’t actually touch him. If a ball is coming towards you, run to Ribby but don’t actually touch him. Repeat. Keep firing, don’t use super moves (or arts) until you get to phase 3!

Final Phase

When Croaks opens his mouth, you have survived to Ribby and Croaks’s final phase! Ribby will roll into Croaks’s mouth. They will turn into a slot machine! Jump to dodge the coins. Parry on the arm.

When he opens his eyes, you can attack him. Use super art 1. You will get different attacks depending on witch animal you roll. Frogs-platforms. Jump on them. This is the easiest attack.

Bull-lasers. Some lasers will shoot up, some down. Stay on the ground, only jump when you need to. Tigers-bouncing balls. Chips will shoot out, balls bouncing in them. Jump or dash/jump over them when they peak. Keep shooting (and using super moves) and they will die!

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