Survivalist: Invisible Strain – Melee Guide (Mechanics and Tips)

Guide to Melee Mechanics and Tips

Melee Basics

  • Melee relies on the hand to hand skill.
  • You need at least one skillpoint in it to aim at legs and heads.
  • Fitness also buffs your health pool and stamina.
  • You can dodge, weave and kick.
  • Enemies will become crippled once their legs are broken.
  • Sharp weapons like knifes against helmets or armor is useless and deal no damage.
  • You can stunlock an enemy on the ground if you continue bashing at their legs.


  • You can dodge both melee attacks and zombie bites.
  • Dodging will leave the opponent vulnerable for a counterattack.
  • Dodging will drain your stamina, if you get grabbed by a zombie while exhausted they will bite.
  • To recover stamina while dodging it is recommended to simply keep your distance and weave left or right.


  • Dodging forward into an enemy will lead into a kick.
  • You are vulnerable if you time it wrong.
  • A succesfull kick will cause enemies to stumble, allowing for one free hit.

Aim for Their Legs

  • Crippled opponents will be slowed down massively, in a group fight it could safe your life.
  • There exists no armor for legs and it doesn’t take a lot of damage to achieve results.
  • It can also result in a leg sweep, causing the enemy to fall early.

Attacking a Downed Opponent

  • Enemies will need two to four seconds to get up uninterrupted.
  • They can be stunlocked if you bash at their legs every second.
  • Attacks to the head will deal double the damage, making them the priority target.
  • Leg damage have a certain limit, bashing at the legs will only amount up to 50% of their hp.

Backstab During Combat

It is possible to crouch and assassinate if you manage to get behind your opponent. It is only possible with knifes, the survival knife being one of them.


  • The bars is the health pool.
  • The circles left to it indicate helmet and armor.
  • The more damage the armor receives the darker the circle get.

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