Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales – How to Defeat Gernichora (Easy Method)

Easy method to kill Gernichora.

Guide to Defeat Gernichora


Useful cards: Meve: Ornamental Sword, Strays Infiltrator, Decoy, Reinforcements, Command: March, and other cards that doesn’t add any power to your side.


The strategy is quite simple, it involves a Strays Infiltrator to boost itself with Gernichora’s HP and letting it be the only card in your battlefied. After that, use Meve: Ornamental Sword to kill Gernichora.

While waiting to the leeches move to the ranged row, try using a card that doesn’t add any forces to your battlefield. e.g. , Decoy, Reinforcements or Command: March!.

When Strays Infiltrator is the only card in your rows and Gernichora is not immune, use Meve – Ornamental Sword. So you can duel Strays Infiltrator with Gernichora.

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