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Metric Racer - Terrain Editor Guide

Written by Virtex   /   Jan 22, 2021    

Metric doesn't just involve racing across tracks, you can offroad too! This guide helps you design and create your terrain to complement your tracks!

Guide to Terrain Editor


Terrain helps you complement and add life to your tracks. Below is a quick overview of how to create and edit chunks of terrain.

You can create chunks of terrain by adding them in the sandbox entity panel. Once added you can position it by left clicking.

Editing Terrain

To edit the terrain you first need to enter 'Terrain Edit' Mode. You can do this by clicking on the 'Terrain Editor' button in the Entities Ribbon Tab.

You should see the Context Ribbon open up that gives you additional controls along with a blue cursor over the terrain. This blue cursor is your 'paint brush' for editing the terrain.

Currently there is only a Terrain Sculpt mode. (Texture Painting is coming at a later date). To modify the terrain you can do so by holding [LEFT SHIFT] and clicking the [LEFT MOUSE] button. You can also adjust the paint brush side by holding [LEFT SHIFT] and using the mouse scroll wheel.

Terrain Sculpt Modes

There are two modes for modifying the terrain:

  • Delta: Add or Subtract the height of the area under the paint brush. [SHIFT] + [LEFT CLICK] grows the terrain, and [SHIFT] + [RIGHT CLICK] subtracts the terrain height.
  • Average: [SHIFT] + [LEFT CLICK] smooths out the terrain under the paint brush, [SHIFT] + [RIGHT CLICK] causes it to become less smooth.

Falloff Types

This is simply the how the terrain paint brush effects the terrain, whether it falloffs smoothly or if it is linear etc...

Written by Virtex.

Game:   Metric Racer