Warframe – The Dread Guide

A guide talking about my opinion(s) of the Dread.

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What It Is

The Dread is a bow, a very good one. It’s not prime, and not even all that hard to get. You obtain this masterpiece of a weapon by killing the Stalker, or the Shadow Stalker. You get marked by the Stalker sometimes, when you kill bosses. Or, you can buy Stalker beacons. The Dread by default has a very slow fire rate, but a good crit rate. Unmodded, like basically any other weapon, it’ll perform sub-par. Another thing to note is it has a chance to decapitate enemies. It uses primarily slash damage, and doesn’t come with any elemental effects.

How I Built It

Warframe - The Dread Guide

So, the build I use takes 4 forma. The Serration and Heavy Caliber should be maxed. The aim of this build is to max out the crit rate and crit damage, as well as adding fire rate and base damage. It’s dead simple, and hardly expensive.

How It Performs

In my experience, this bow is one of my best weapons, as far as raw damage goes. Combined with various buffs, I’ve hit orange crits capable of taking down level 120+ enemies with one headshot. I’ve been told there’s better bows, but of all the bows I have built, this is the best. Keep in mind most of this section is based on my opinion, and should not be taken as fact. If I’m wrong, then so be it. I’m just speaking from experience. Even if it’s not the best, it’s still a great weapon for starting players. I highly recommend it to anyone.

Written by Thorn

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