Blood of Steel – Basic Ranked Legion Strategy Guide

Here is two of the team setups and play style for the 5v5 ranked legion mode. And how do you co-op with your team for success.

Guide to Basic Ranked Legion Strategy

All credit goes to Bomb A I shift to B!

Archer Setup

Archer setup is basically having one archer in your team. Usually pick 3 infantries, 1 archer and 1 cavalry.

Infantries jobs are:

Protecting the archers and stuck on the entries. (try to stuck below the stairs instead of staying with the archers so you won’t block the arrows). Anti-cavalry, this requires spear to do so. Heroes such as Victoria with secondary spear can also do so, but only the hero herself, not the troops.


  • Heroes such as Joan and Isabella, their troops can also do so but only when the cavalries are in slow speed. The troops will start looking and aimming at the horses when enemies cavalries get in their sight for a while, then they will poke the horses when enemies get in their melee range.
  • Remember to poke the horses’ heads from the front in order to deal the most damage and stop the horses immediately.

Shielders go block the arrows for the archers. This is a very great move to do because the archers normally can still shoot at least half of the arrows even there is shield troops in front of them, as long as the angel is right (shoot up top).


  • Diao chan and Victoria are some of the best picks for blocking arrows, because they can heal and they are good at protecting archers in many ways aswell.
  • Supports such as Zhuge Liang, Han Sin and Isabella are also very great for this job, because their troops aren’t that great in the front line but they got shields. And they can do some stuff even in the archer platform.
  • Some archers such as Bailian and Philips having a “back shield” may not require arrows blocking, but it should be decided by the archers themselves. So just listen to the archers for this.

Picks required: 1 Huge shield, 1 support/small shield, 1 spear (can switch to support or *brusher if the map isn’t that great for cavalries)|


  • “Brushers” are the heroes who can kill troops fast, such as Two handed swords (Baldwin 1st, Godfrey and Hua Mulan) also Harald the viking 🙂 Ying Zheng may do the job aswell, but he is half a support and half a brusher.

There is only two huge shields and two else may be capable aswell: Richard and Lin Tong are the only two, they got 40 units, high health and armour comparing to other 40 units shielders and they both have “steady”(this ability is very powerful).


  • Huge shield is a must most the time, Lagertha or Leonidas may also do the job but only for few situation. Situation such as: 1st) The expected battle field is narrow. 2nd) For Leonidas only – Planned to play very defensive/passive.

The small/support shields: basically anyone who has shields on their units, but I personally recommend these:

Diao Chan, Victoria, Leonidas, Zhuge Liang and Han Sin(better for maps with vision debuff).

Archers jobs are:

  • Aim for enemies archers first most the time, and heroes such as Zhuge Liang those who can shoot you aswell.
  • While picking heroes: Pick the right archer and put a flag in the map where you gonna go, do this as fast as you can.
  • Volley: This will lower your attack speed (speed of reloading or pulling your bow) Mostly use this while:

  • Long ranged targets.
  • Enemies “archer riders”.
  • Your troops shooting at random stuff and not following you.
  • Running away from enemies flanker (because of the reason of “above”).

  • When enemies trying to push your platform, release volley and try to aim for enemy heroes first.
  • Pick the right archers, Long bow for long ranged battle expected, Rapid fire crossbow for close ranged battle expected. Heavy crossbow for archer battle expected. Amunet for special maps or weathers.

Cavalries jobs are:

  • Rush to scout and get vision for our archer at the start of the game (Or rush to secure/occupy the platform your archer is gonna take).
  • Stuck and stop enemies cavalries or flankers (invisible heroes or Ying Zheng) at the start of the game, to prevent them rushing to our archers.
  • Flank and kill enemies. Or just kill enemies cavalries if you are capable of and you get away before enemies’ reinforcement comes.
  • Capture sites.
  • Always keep an eye on the map to decide what to do in the moment.
  • Best picks for this patch: Xiang Yu, Gerald, Baldwin 4th, Lyu Bu (Tanky and capable of coming back late game).


  • Arthur is usually the best for occupying the main platform that both team wants, he has the speed of cavalry and his legoin can become a team of very tanky two handed sword infantries. That allows him to walk on the stairs to get on the platform and have the ability to win against bao.
  • Archer riders aren’t included as “cavalry”.

One Wave Setup

“One wave” means fight at once, rush with everything you got. There are many ways to do this, but let me introduce one of the standard setup for it.

You can do it as 5 infantries or 4 infantries + 1 Xiahou Yuan

For “one wave”, you will need 1 huge shield, 1 small shield, 1 brusher, 1 spear and 1 with special ability (such as buffs or shield breaking)

  • So how do you fight in this style? Shields always go first, and brusher must stack on the shields units and stay behind of the shields, spear will target enemy cavalries when they get close or trying to rush in. And remember to stay close to one an other and never leave your team too far (this include picking your spawn, don’t pick a spawn that is too far away from your teammates). And then march forward together when no enemies are harassing. Stop when there is enemies close enough for Richard to taunt and pull back, and Richard will taunt that legion and pull them to the whole team. And fight at once, everyone engages and spear keeps an eye on cavalries, anti-cavalries when they get close enough to assault.
  • Huge shield: Richard is recommended because of his taunting ability working very well for “one wave”. Press F3 on the ground and then taunt when your troops get close enough to taunt the enemies troops. Pressing F3 increases the range of the taunt(as it increases the units attack in sight range), and your troops are the only one taunting, not including you. Then turn back instantly and F2 on the floor when your troops have done smacking their shields. Remember to use F2 to pull your troops back inside your teammates and still being the first in the front line. And turn on steady and F3 while the enemies and your troops contacted inside your whole team. Do not shields up until the steady ability is finished. Then shields up afterward.
  • Small shields: fill up the front line with your troops while the huge shield isn’t enough for the length of the front line, and try to deal as much damage as you could. (Recommended pick: Victoria, Leonidas, Diao Chan and Caesar)
  • Brusher: Must stay behind the shields, and start killing enemies troops and heroes as fast as you can after engaged. Try to avoid enemies heroes target attacks, they may try to attack you and avoid you from killing fast.


“Brushers” are the heroes who can kill troops fast, such as Two handed swords (Baldwin 1st, Godfrey and Hua Mulan) also Harald the viking 🙂 Ying Zheng may do the job aswell, but he is half a support and half a brusher.

Spear: Target the cavalries when they are close enough to do their jobs. And try to target enemy brusher in the front line after engaged.

  • Lagertha: Super high defense shields for the front line).
  • Ying Zheng: Can break enemy front line and freeze the enemies, even pushing enemies heroes inside teammates’ troops, along side with brusher type of troops.
  • Alexander: Can freeze enemy front line and also a great front line himself.
  • Isabella: Can grant teammates huge attack bonus via putting the flag, and can slightly anti- cavalry also blocking arrows with the shields.
  • Han Xin: adding health boost for a whole legion instantly, can add that to multiple legions aswell, even have the capability to shoot enemies archers riders.
  • Kaihime: can crush enemies shields fast, making them unable to block attacks, because shields can block many times of incoming attacks, that makes them being able to survive many more times of incoming attacks.

You may replace special with Xiahou Yuan he can put poison on the enemies and spread it via someone killing the troops who carry the poison, and that poison can lower enemy defenses by a lot. He is also an archer rider, which means he can capture points, get vision and snipe enemy heroes (including cavalries). His troops can even use the height advantage, so he and his troops can just shoot the enemies from the front and still being able to hit. There are few details for him:

  • At the start of the game: try to hide your troops and go get vision with your hero.
  • Use poison arrow and turn on the “Vee Formation” and F2 right behind your infantries group after engaged.
  • Remember to attach the poison to the enemy front line troops, so that your teammates can kill them and spread the poison.
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