Skul: The Hero Slayer – List of Item Effects

Tired of not knowing what it is without picking it up? I got you bruddhas here is the Goods. 

Item Effect Sets

  • Alchemy: When status effects are inflicted on enemies, the damage they receive is permanently increased by (5/20/40/70%).
  • Blizzard: When inflicting skill damage on enemies there is a 2% chance to freeze them. When affected enemies are unfrozen, a blizzard is created dealing (6/12/24/48/78) magic damage with a 30% chance to freeze enemies.
  • Chase: Damage is amplified by up to (20/30/60/120/250%) based on the distance of the targeted enemy.
  • Demolition: When dealing physical damage, deals additional true damage equal to (10/20/40/85/170%) can only affect a target once every 8 seconds.
  • Duel: Damage received by the attacked enemy increases by (0.5/1/2.5/4.5/8%) (stacks up to 10 times) Can only affect a maximum of 1 enemy.
  • Endure: Damage received is reduced by 10% for (1/2/3/5/7/10) seconds when hit. This effect can be stacked.
  • Execute: All attacks on enemies with less than (5/7/12/21/35/55%) HP will deal Critical damage.
  • Fairy Tale: A sealed spirit stone follows the player, firing a beam at random targets every (45/35/25/15) seconds, dealing magic damage. When the 5 Fairy tale seals are gathered, the spirit king Oberon is summoned.
  • Fortress: Generates a shield of (10/15/20/30/50) every 90 seconds.
  • Fuse: Plants a time bomb when swapping. Time bombs explode after 2 seconds dealing (15/25/50/125/250) Physical damage to surrounding enemies.
  • Heart: increases Max Hp by (10/20/35/60/90/135).
  • Leonia: Increases Hp recovery rate by (30/50/100%).
  • Madness: When inflicting damage with normal attacks, attack speed increases by 5% up to a maximumm of (5/15/25/45/75/125%) for 5 seconds.
  • March: Amplifies Physical attack by (3/5/10/25/35/75%).
  • Manatech: drops (1/1/2/2/3) Manatech parts when skill is used. When manatech parts are acquired, all cooldowns decrease by 1 second.
  • Mirage: Dodges an incoming attack, nullifying the damage. Cooldown: (60/50/36/18/6) seconds.
  • Miser: Increases acquired gold by (3/12/25%).
  • Mutant: Increases the cooldown speed of swapping by (10/25/35/50/70/90%).
  • Piercing Wind: Normal attacks shoot out a piercing wind which deals up to (1/2/4/7) Physical Damage.
  • Ruins: Increases Quintessence cooldown speed by (15/50/105%).
  • Soar: Jumping increases physical and magic attack by (15/25/35/55/100/150%) Effect persist for 1 second after landing.
  • Sorcery: Increases skill cooldown speed by (10/20/40/70/120/200%).
  • Spring: When moving to a different map, recover (5/10/20%) of lost HP.
  • Sprint: Attack and movement speed are increased by up to (5/10/15/30/45/77%) based on distance moved.
  • Static: A bolt of lightning strikes every (60/50/38/24/8) seconds, dealing magic damage. More lightning bolts strike based on distance moved.
  • Swamp: When dealing damage with normal attacks, there is a 20% chance to inflict poison on enemies. Poisoned enemies explode when killed, dealing Physical damage equal to (20/50/100/250/500%) of the remaining poison damage and poisoning surrounding enemies.
  • Tactics: amplifies magic attack by (5/10/20/40/60/100%).
  • Volcano: creates 3 bursting flames every (35/30/20/5) seconds The bursting flames explode upon reaching the ground, dealing Magic damage and inflicting burn on enemies.
  • Weakness: When delivering a critical hit, marks the target for 5 seconds. Marked targets recieve (5/10/15/30/50/90/150%) Critical damage.
Written by OgreEnforcer

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