StellarHub – Beginners Guide

This guide will make you lots of money. It is very easy to follow. And it will make you get all the achievements of this game ASAP.

Gameplay Basics

This guide will make you lots of money. It is very easy to follow. And it will make you get all the achievements of this game ASAP.

When you start the base, first build your Oxygen Collector and your mining riggs. Then build the basics (cantin, crew quarters, medic etc). As soon as you can, built two researchstations to research your science .

First Research the Base Defense Skill, then the laser turrets. This is because you will get nasty pirates that want 20000 credits, you do not want to give that. Built then the laser turret.

Then what you need to do is first research as quick as possible, is that research that will give you 5000 credits with every completed research. (Effective Science > Special Developements > Comercial Science Project).

StellarHub - Beginners Guide

After you completed that research, go start research resource processing and then the processing plant. As soon as you can built the processing plant, built two of them. Select for the productions on the two, both plastic and metal. Make sure you only allow ore and minerals in your processing plant.

StellarHub - Beginners Guide

By this time you should have built the trade ports too, cause you need one extra scientist and two processing people to handle your production line. Order them from the tradeship / supplyship. Make sure you pick people with high values of processing.

By this time you had your first attack of pirates and you succesfully defeated them, saving you 20000 credits and earnt you also some credits by defeating the pirates.

Now here comes the money maker. Every time when a tradeships docks.. Sell your Plastics and Metal (keep some for building) . You will see that you will never run out of money. Do not forget to buy medicine, spareparts and food.

Once you have some money (Do not forget to research everything (Starting with the Hull improvements and the Oxygen / Power upgrafes. ) You can built another Processing plant.. Let it build spareparts .

This way I have completed a game with everything researched and tons of credits to spare.

StellarHub - Beginners Guide

Player Stats

Main People Info

  • Health: This is your health, it decreases when being sick or getting hurt during the job. You can heal yourself by sending the person to the MedBay. Increasing the Health bar can be done by sending this person to the Gym. Here the Strength, Stamina and Health will increase.
  • Fullness: Bit a wierd name for this, but basicly this one says how full your stomach is. If this becomes empty you get the hungry icon and this person will go to the cantin / bar to eat AFTER his current Job is done. You can always click “stop working now” but this never does do the job. 
  • Oxygen: How much Oxygen is in the person. Basicly it is the “How much Air” do I have. It decreases if the person walks through a room where there is no Oxygen. 
  • Morale: Overal Happyness. If this is high your person will work harder / walk faster etc. If this gets low, this person needs to go into a “recreation” building. 
  • Strength: The higher this number is, the more goods they can carry around. Also Morale has influence on this . (You can get more Strength by sending the person to a Gym) 
  • Agility: The higher this number, the faster they can move around the station, also Morale has influence on this. (No Idea how to increase this skill) 
  • Stamina: The higher this number, the less tired they become . Also they can do more during a day. This increases slowly automaticly by letting this person peform tasks 
  • Intelligence: The higher this number, the more experiance they will get. Also this skill is important for LabPeople.
  • Mentality: Basicly, this is like, the higher the number the less chance you have that this worker will Stress out.

Crew Member’s


These people will cleanout your station . A good thing to have. When you have about 20 rooms you need at least 3 cleaning crew to keep your population happy. The Cleaning skill should be high.

Comm operators

Communications is use for your Com Centre. This building gives you early warnings about astroids and or pirates. Also when you have researched the option, it will bring tourist to your station. Very usefull for when you want to have easy money. The Communication skill should be very high.


Miners are the people that mine the ore and minerals. It is good to have more Miners in your stations then you have Mine buildings. So they can work in shifts.. Ore mining, mineral mining are the skills you need to have.

Plant biologists

These are good for growing your crops, you need them to make food and beer. Also medicine and Antibiotics( Vaccins) are created with this. Botanics, Foodproducing are skills you need for this. Make sure you havea also workers running around with skills like this. They will help water the plants.


Medics are used for curing and vaccinating people. Virusology, First Aid, Surgery and Vet are skills you need to have as a medic (The Vet skill is for a medic that can vaccinate your lifestock). Medic’s cannot get sick themselves.

Processing operators

These people work in your Man. Plant. They will create all your end products, make sure you have more then Man. Plants, so they can work in shifts. Alcohol Producing, Food Producing, Metallurgy and Plastics are good skills to have on your people working there. Depends really on what you produce.


Scientist are used to develope new science. Duh. You should get at least two sciencelabs with 3 scientist running around in your base. As soon as you have researched everything.. Make sure to not delete all your labs. Chemistry and Science are the skills to have.


Mechanics are basicly your builders/repair units of your station. When you do not have the repairprobes researches, make sure you have lots of them. Repair Skill is very important on this one. Electronics, Fireman and lifesupport are things they will increase overtime.


Workers are the backbone of your base. Do not have too less of them. You need a lot of workers to deliver your goods around the base.. There are not really skills I see that are important for this.

Small Tips

  • Do not keep on mining / extracting oxygen when not needed.. Your mine and your OxygenCloud regenerate when not being used.. This way you always have enough resources. 
  • Keep on checking the log for people that are sick, make sure you sent them straight away to the medic bay. As soon as your base reaches over 26 people, built everything double (Canteen, Medicbay, Crew Quarters etc). 
  • As soon as you are done researching all the Hull upgrades / Oxygen / Power upgrades and storage units, Research Tourist… Those people bring a lot of credits to spent on your lovely base. 
  • Built as less as connector sections as possible, waste of material and space. 
  • Spread out your Defense on the base, same goes for the Storage Rooms . Make sure that every thing can be reached with as less as hubs as possible. 
  • Make sure you have a lot of workers.. You do not want to wait like forever to have your plants supplied by goods. The item do not carry themselves you know. 
  • Also having the perk of the repairbots, makes your base a lot more save. 
  • Those probes you can research, do not do that straight away. I never had the need for another mining place/ oxygen place.. Just do it to complete your research achievement. Same goes for using those probes on those questionmark places.

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