Dyson Sphere Program – How to Fix Sorters Not Connecting to Belts Properly

A solution to a very common problem with sorters and belts.

The Problem and Solution

There is a problem with sorters connecting to belts when objects are placed on certain parts of the grid. As seen in the first panel of the image sometimes they will not even let you connect them and other times they will try to join further away than you would like reducing the speed of the sorter. In the rest of the image you can see the solution that I found. Basically build the belt to where you want it to join and then 1 tile further. Connect the sorter and then delete the extra piece of belt and the sorter stays in the correct place.

This only works when the bit you want to connect to is not a corner but to do a corner just build the 2 pieces against the building and then build the sorter and then join in the corner and remove the extra tile after that. I hope this solution helps some people and i hope that this gets fixed as well.

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