Hypercharge: Unboxed – Useful Tips and Tricks

Useful pointers and tips for those new or returning to the game.

Tips for Beginners and Returning Players

Quick New Player Tips

Movement, Batteries, Pickups, First Turret, Medals


Toggle sprint is your friend! Take advantage of the 5 minute timer between waves on casual difficulty or play free roam to explore and get a feel for the game’s movement. Generally speaking, jump pads are worth building. You have lots of air control and can climb onto many things!


Batteries are the backbone to you success, and friendly bots are slow to replace them. You can unlock battery chargers by getting gold medals on maps (all cores survive with any % hp).

Batteries recharge the shields of Hypercores and power up turrets but have limited juice. Enemies (especially the explosive variants) can knock batteries out of Hypercores, so constant vigilance!


The weapon you spawn with is dependent on the map, and more will spawn for free in-between waves or for credits in Hypercharge boxes. Other items will spawn between waves such as health pickups (green), weapon parts (teal), batteries (blue), new weapons (red and orange), credits and packs of credits (yellow), and secret collectables (purple)

Note: Shotguns and glue are also very good against spinners!

First Turret

If you want your first turret, just complete Air Hockey Shuffle with a gold medal.

This map is unique in the fact that there is only one core to defend. You spawn with a shotgun and the only enemies are spinners.


Medals are awarded when finishing a coop game and are grades based on how well you did. Earning medals will unlock buildables, cosmetics and levels. Casual and regular difficulty share rewards while expert and nightmare have their own set of rewards.

Platinum & Diamond

All Hypercores survive with full HP (small shield present on Hypercore’s icon). First time platinum unlocks the slot machine for the map.

Gold & Ruby

All Hypercores Survive. First time gold or higher unlocks the battery charger for the map.

Silver & Emerald

Only one Hypercore has fallen.

Bronze & Sapphire

Two Hypercores have fallen.

And one last thing, searching for all the map’s secrets and collectables is rewarding! try to only refer to a guide if you are truly stuck.

The Bots and You

Bots are a recent addition to the game for both online and offline mode!

  • Bots (coop) are great for shooting but not at building; scrapping their buildings refunds you the money instead of the builder, play around this fact! Pay attention to their weapon loadouts and where they are. Some missions also may be easier with only 1 or 2 bots playing with you. It’s even possible to earn platinum and diamond medals with them!
  • Bots will give you credits if you ask in the voice commands, they are slow but will do it! Once you select the voice option, a bot will ping themselves and you have a few seconds to get next to them so they can (slowly) give you the credits. Sometimes you may need to ask more than once.
  • Bots can be very chatty at times.
  • The bots have a gambling addiction…

  • The splitscreen option in the main menu can also be used to set up solo/offline bot matches with multiplayer modes such as team deathmatch. Use this to practice aiming or frag some bots!

More Tips and Stuff

Higher DPS

While reloading, you can melee, switch weapons and even shoot without interrupting the reload! Use this to maximize your DPS.

Reloading my machinegun as I fire my rifle at a meanbot.

Higher Climbing

Something I’ve recently learned, is that you can look at an angle and slightly upwards at a surface and extend how high you can climb. Sometimes it’s all you need to get up onto a surface or save a jump!

This box is too tall for me to climb.

However, changing how I look at it makes it possible:

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