Warface – Black Shark Insane Guide

Complete guide how to play. What team and equipment to take, weapons, all floors described.
Simply all you need to know to finish it.

Team Building and Equipments


  • 2x riflemen, engineer, sniper and medic.
  • You can play rifle insteat of engineer, but if you want all 4 sharks, than 1 engi insteat of rifle.
  • All players need to have at least 7 (10 ideal) resurrection coins. Medic at least 5 (7).


  • Riflemen: R60 LMG or any gold LMG.
  • Sniper: crown RK14 or any different gold semi (to kill fast turets).
  • Engineer: crown Vector, or any good gold SMG.
  • Medic: crown mosshugel or any different 1 ammo loading gold shotgun. Also medic can eventually use Black Shark ATF. I said eventually, you need to be Succesfull in first place.
  • Crown or gold weapons have buff against cyborgs. That’s why I recomend it.


  • All have to have warlord or crown helmets, warlord vests and warlord shoes.
  • 20% speed reloading gloves (crown, carbon, or similar that gives you 20% reloading speed).
  • 1 lethal grenade and 2-3 smokes.

Important Notes and to Remember Stuffs

Important notes

Before starting every floor, everytime you need to speak about positions of players and primary and secondary targets. No matter how often you went there, just telling people will make sure nobody forget anything.
For example: medic’s primary is kill all close up coming enemies, secondary revive fallen folks
sniper’s primary kill turets, secondary kill enemies…
Its important for players to know what they exactly will be doing and what is expected from them to do.


At all time you have to talk about tactics before playing floor, 3 players need to stay inside the elevator and only two can be outside and look if more than half (3+) players will leave elevator, all players will be teleported in front of the elevator and floors starts no matter what.

Leaving the game – tested information

If player(s) leave (crash, or connection issue or anything) game, that player CANT JOIN YOU BACK.
I know in ground floor its OK to reconnect, it works good.
If someone crashed, its basically over or really hard to finish.

Tactics that Worked With Us

You may be more comfortable with your own tactics.
I am not saying these tactics are fastest or most efficient, they are safe and almost guaranteed to finish.

Ground Floor

Sniper stay at the higher level and kill turets from there. He can kill 4-5 turets really fast.

1st Floor

If enemies starts to spawn in one side, all move to oposite side behind barriers. 4 players behind big piles of cement, one of them to solo pile, few seconds after oposite site start to spawn go to oposite direction and hide, same princip. Last both sides. You stay where you finished. 4 players behind big pile covers the one, behind the small one, and that one covers others from enemies behind. Really easy after few rounds of practise.

2nd Floor

All players stay at the elevator, left side sniper+rifle, right side rifle, eng med. shoot. If enemies spawn in front of you, all shoot without ADS.

3rd Floor

(Go to options and set brightness to full, or how you feel comfortable with to see) all p. Go to furthest right corner to dark (sniper to very corner standing, the rest crouching around him, medic in the middle) smoke every 15s to both sides to see silouethes of zombies.

4th Floor

Sniper go to very left corner there is small corner in outern barricades, like 1m x 1m. that snipers use smoke to oposite building, to avoid enemies to shoot, and eventually kill some or some zombies. the rest of the squad stay in outern barricades facing toward elevator. Enemies right of the elevator dont see you and you are covered by the smoke from right. From your point of viewing, most right player toss smokes, after sniper runs dry.

5th Floor

RPG and explosive kamikadze. Well uhm that explosive floor is basically very easy. well there are 4 pillars – closer to elevator and further from elevator. So positions are: 1 firleman left side behind barricade, 2. rifle on oposite side, engineer and sniper together at closer left pillar, medic at closer right pillar. all shoot RPG fast. This floor is easiest from all.

6th Floor

Very easy. You run to furthest barricades oposite of zombies spawns. Sniper stay always with one of rifleman and shoot from left carefully turets, 4 turets on each side at random positions, spawned one by one. right side covered by engineer and rifleman. Medic shoots only if some rifleman is reloading. After wave finished go to oposite barricades, and just focus on zombies, you can kill turets after. no third wave this floor.

7th Floor

Really critical. there are 3 waves. so you all regroup at oposite side of elevator, all kill enemies flying by very fast and than kill all zombies, easy so far. Now is the tricky part. all have to watch and Immediatelly say if they see enemies spawning one or another side, whole team have to regroup oposite from there. there are small obstacles, where team can hide. smaller is for engineer and rifleman, bigger is for medic in the middle, sniper and rifleman on sides. you have to go immediatelly behind these barricades located in oposite directions from enemies spawnings and than in the end of that wave you need to run on oposite side, because now enemies will spawn at your back.. We failed on this floor in 50% of all attepmts. Really hard floor.

8th Floor

Easy. Its like small floor with shaker. Kinda harder, because towers have more HP. but easy floor with practise. Sniper have to focus on towers and the rest shoots enemies. End number of all enemies need to be spawned. Dont forget in the end of all stages here one or two demomen spawns in balcony. This floor is easy with practise. we tried many positions and everytime I played different class I wasnt happy with position that was good for my friend. so up to me it depends.

9th Floor

Very easy and actually really fun. Positions: sniper left close pillar, rifleman right small pile of something, good position to get nearly full cover. All the rest of team stay at close right pillar. And you just shoot. 4 wavest to kill. focus on cover, if you see enemy, take him out fastest you can. refill armor and heal during this floor. but dont do THAT only, shoot too if you have to.

And here we go, wellcome to the finish, 10th Floor!

We failed multiple times, we all were looking for our sharks we already see them and were satisified with reached acomplishment. and than bang. all dead… Its a crap. You have to focus. This is not hardest floor, its actually very easy, but don’t underestimate it. how easy it was in hard? wasn’t THAT easy, right? On insane its siginificantly harder. Well. Positions. After killing spec ops, you regroup all in right side. (left fence closer to your left hand) while looking towards the elevator. team positions. back line: back left to right sniper, rifle, in front of sniper is engineer, in front of engineer is rifleman. In front of back rifleman is medic. Medic shoots only closest zombies incoming. There are 4 stages of last floor. Normal enemies, kamikadze, than crane falls, zombies go through the fence on sides and last helicopter fly by. Don’t rush all iside the helicopter during that. All time at least 4 players need to shoot. Select one of your team that will enter the helicopter and after that guy is inside, all the rest can die and still the mission will be succesfull. But at least 1 player need to get inside the heli. We usually choose sniper or engineer.

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